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Got me a new bow...

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Went and shot the Mathews Heli-m a couple weeks ago...Went back yesterday and shot it again...Well I had to have it...I have shoot a Switchback XT For 6 years now so this Heli-M has some big shoes to fill...I will sell my Switchback after I am done for the year in case anyone is interested...:up:
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Congrads also it's funny I just got the heli-m last Thursday I love it I shot a mathews DXT before.. I'm going to sell mine also. I can't wait to break it in on a deer
I havent shot the new heli-m yet. What do like about it over your DXT? I shoot a DXT
The Heli-m has a Super solid back wall..I swear it feels like you can relax so much at full draw and you cant make the string creap...There is a little hand shock but thats expected for the 3.5 lbs...Personally the lightweight of the bow isnt a selling point IMO.I shoot a 420 grain arrow at 29" and at 65 lbs the bow is shooting 281 fps..At 70 lbs.its 291 fps.It is super smooth to draw.It feel like you can easily shoot a little more weight without even noticing it.I liked it better every time I shot it..I havent even shot my new one yet....I cant wait to set it up and start shooting it.But Im putting my sights and rest on the Heli-m off of my Swithchback,And I still want to hunt a little more..... I will try to get some pics up before long....
Sweet.. I love mine.. What kind of sights an rest are you going to put on it?
Im gonna keep my sights,They are Extreme bone collector 1100.They are almost new and even in lost camo so they match.I am also gonna put my ripcord rest on off my switchback.I would like to have an ultra rest but not really for 140.00 when I already have a ripcord an am happy with it...How is yours set up ???
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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