Got another one.

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    Well it's like this. I've been having this big deli ma because this weekend is the last weekend of gun season and I am off Monday and it would have been a perfect weekend to hunt BUT.....Marsh Man's birthday is Monday and the kids wants us to go to the Lake house for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Me being the sweet gal that I am I didn't want to throw a kink in everybody's plan and tell them I wasn't going because I was going to deer hunt.

    Marsh Man told me we could hunt and didn't have to go but I said no. So I decided Tuesday since we wasn't busy at the office I could leave early for an afternoon hunt. I had an NRA Committee meeting at 6:00 but knew I could still get there for the meeting unless I killed a deer.

    I kinda wanted to go to my land (da bayou) to hunt but Marsh Man wanted to take me to a stand we had never hunted on his place so we went to his place.

    The stand was very, very small. Especially for two people. The windows were really tiny too.

    So we get to the stand around 4:00 (kind of late) and after about 20 minutes the doe started coming out. Three doe came out in the open and another deer came out but stayed behind a tree. MM could see that it was a buck from where he was sittin but he was directly behind the tree from where I was sittin.

    Of course MM's first suggestion was for me to sit in his lap (imagine that) and try to get on the buck. When I sat in his lap I couldn't get my gun out the window. This whole time I'm moving and trying to get my gun out ONE DOE was watching every move we made. I just knew she was gonna blow at any minute and every one of them would leave the field.

    All we could do was wait and hope when he came from behind the tree he would come my way. He finally started moving and moving in the right direction. I got my gun out the window and had it on him but he wouldn't stop walking. MM told me to wait until he stopped. I said NO, HE'S NOT STOPPIN! MM whistled, the deer stopped, I shot and he dropped.

    Then there was a big YYYYYEEEESSSSS! from me. :biggrin: The 270 has spoken!!!!

  2. bett_lou

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    Needless to say I didn't make my NRA meeting, but they all understood.

    Here's a picture of me in the stand. It was real close quarters


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    WAAAA WHOOOO !! Big buck down ! Way to go BettLou :thumb: Great looking buck, lookat the mass on that big boy !! Congrats ! :thumb:
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    Congrats on the great deer.

    If I wasn't such a gentleman I would make comments on part of your story:

    "When I sat in his lap I couldn't get my gun out the window. ":wink:

    Thanks betty for the great story
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    Dang Bett---Tell us the story about what happened to the other half of your mustache in that second pic:biggrin:

    Great job on the deer and great story. The pic I'm seeing looks like most of the tips of the antlers are forked. Is that a double exposure or is it that way?
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    OH MY! :eek:
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    haha!! :fit: I didn't notice that till I went back and looked.
  8. I am proud you finally came through bett_lou.......................:thumb:

    I am gonna be like Ike Brown and be a gentleman!!!:rolleyes:
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    Isn't it a beautiful moustache? Too bad I could only get it to grow on one side. :biggrin:

    No, he isn't double tipped. I cannot tell a lie. MM took the picture and I don't know why it turned out like that.
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    Nice Buck:thumb: :thumb:

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    Way to go girl.:applaud: :applaud: You put in your time it it looks like it paid off.:thumb:
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    WOW! That's a brute!
    Y'all have been laying em down lately!

    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member Supporting Member

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    Congrats! :thumb:
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    DANG IT GIRL.....GOOOOOD BUCK......Thats what Im talking about....:thumb:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: Way to go!!!

    Gonna be like Ike and Soarkrebel.......I ain't gonna say a word!!!!!!!
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    Well I am- Congradulations there young lady- on all accounts!:cool:
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    Wow! That is a super deer - and amazing horns. I like the double tines - very unique! That one would look good on the wall!

    Now - if MM had been the kind of guy you claim, wouldn't he have taken care of the deer so you could get the the meetin'?

    Serioulsy - congrats on a fine kill!
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    Bett_lou,congrats on a great looking deer.