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Made two stand this afternoon. First stand was real dry. Second stand I went back to a spot I had called in a house cat. Its just a little wooded draw that just reeked of cats. The last time the cows went absolutely bizerk. This time I snuck down and low and behold one seen me. Of course they proceeded to go stark raving wild. I almost got back in the truck and went home. I got to looking and there was a fence along the edge of the timber. So I climbed the fence and went down in the draw a little ways. It looked incredible. I prefer to call them into the open but I worked with what I had. I started calling and at 8 minutes this female came a trotting in. She went behind a big rock and I dropped my remote into my lap and got my shotgun ready. Somehow I hit my remote and it switched sounds. Im not even sure what it was playing but it wasnt good. I was in panic mode but I think it was either growling coyotes or raccoon fight. Either was not what I wanted with a cat at less than 20ft from the caller. I finally got it switched back to rabbit and she came on in. When she cleared the rock she stopped and looked right at me. It was too late. I plowed her with Dead Coyote at less than 20 yards. She weighed 28.3 pounds on my digital scale.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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