Good year for me!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Blyon, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Blyon

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    opening weekend 2012 013.jpg 8 point 11.22.12 057.jpg

    the 9 point scored 119" and weighed 231lbs wet.
    The 8 point scored 130.5" 21" wide and weighed 227 lbs Dry.

    I get to spend the rest of my season with a camera, taking kids.
  2. VALES

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    Dang nice year and great bucks!!

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  7. ARTom81

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    Which buck was 21" wide?
  8. waterfowl hunter

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    that a boy brandon. but i no those aint no drew co deer lol
  9. Blyon

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    the 8
    8 point 11.22.12 055.jpg
  10. Blyon

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    no they are not.
  11. congrats, those are both great bucks. Good luck taking the kids. :up:
  12. mhr7

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    Congrats, i need to borrow your tape.
  13. quax

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    Pass it to me when u get done