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I took my nephew saturday morning. After a long hike to get around a bird that was gobbling we found another gobbling on top of a mountain on a lease near Gioun. The bird was on another property so we moved on down an old logging road through a clear cut. The bird gobbled every time I called. we moved a long way off and set up some decoys in hopes of getting a bird to come in. The bird on the mtn. started coming and before I knew it he was halfway down the mtn. on our side of the fence. A little later he was down into the 4' tall pines in the clear cut but coming from the wrong angle. I had my nephew crawl up beside me and here comes the gobbler just across the logging road 60 seconds later. He killed him at 13 steps. 10 inch beard and 1" spurs. It was quite an exciting hunt.

I know some people abuse the youth hunts, but all I can say is if you don't have a kid to take; find one and show him/her the right way. It's more exciting than shooting one yourself.

Hopefully, I'll get some pictures later. His mother took several.
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