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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by duckhunter2-2007, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Some friends and I have been 3 times this year and got limits every time in the woods on public land. First time 7 of us got 28 mallards next 4 got 16 and last time 6 got 24 mallards and 1 wood duck. We've hunted 3 holes within a quarter mile of each other and the closest company we've had has been about a quarter mile from us. You can walk in but it takes an hour and forty-five minutes. [​IMG]
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    Great hunt...Great pic...Congrats....:thumb:

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    Thanks Buzz , we had a great time I took my little boy who's 7(up front) and two other kids age 9 and 14 and everybody got thier limit. We had to wade in a long ways and I figured somebody would get wet but we all did good. The ducks were in there like they used to be before all of the rest areas sucked them up.:smack: I just hope to get a few more hunts out of it before they're gone.
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    So you are saying YOU are walking in that long, or IF you walked in it would take that long. I have walked a long ways for a good hunt, but never close to 2 hours.
  5. I walk in on most of my hunts on public WMA's and the longest walk we make takes about 35-40 minutes, 99% of it wading in knee deep water. That puts us approx 1 mile from the parking lot according to GPS coordinates. Most of the hunters around us I would guess to be a 1/4 mile away have boated in. If yall are walk'n that long you must really be a long way from the parking area.
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    I would'nt spoil those kids like that. Some day when they grow up and leave the nest they will have a lot of learning to do. :thumb: if you ever get a free spot i would like you to teach me the ways:wink: awsome HUNT!!! wish i was there just to watch :phone: if there is any thing i like to see is kids hunting and getting on a great shoot on public land.
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    Very nice :thumb: That's even more impressive being the kids were there.
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    We are walking about 30 min. from private access, but on Sat. we thought we would try something different so we went to another area and found out there wasn't any water.:smack: We couldn't waste a morning so we got out the gps and walked the 1hr and 45min. to salvage the AM. Most of the walking was on dry ground. I can't say where we were because I might be shot by my buddies who found the birds.:biggrin: Sorry. Gonna give them a try this weekend if the water hasn't fallen out. The closest public parking access is about 3 or 4 miles with some very deep water between us and it. A person could boat within about .5 mi. of where we are.