Good Squirrel Hunt

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by RWilliams, Dec 17, 2010.

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    Yesterday my wife and I went hunting with my lifetime friend and his dogs. We hunted on 4 wheelers and had 3 good trained currs and 3 year old pups that went on their 1st squirrel hunt. Our final talley was 20 squirrels and a great time. We always carry biscuits and sausage for a break early then we stop and rest mid morning and have sandwiches and cold drinks and sometimes even take a quick knapp before we start hunting again. Hunting like this makes it fun and my wife loves hunting with me and she is a dang good shot with a 22 as well.

    Sometimes there are things that happen and you want to share with others. One of the trees we made was at the edge of a cut over so the trees were not really close together. All of the sudden a huge cat squirrel took off to the top of the tree as fast as he could and leaped to the next tree over which was quite a stretch. He almost missed the end of the branch and caught it by a thread. I really thought he had missed the limb. I was so amazed at what he did I forgot to shoot but then he got going again and ran up this tree about 5 feet over the nest he was heading for. All of the sudden he turn and sailed out and into the middle of the nest from well above it. That's when the commotion started and I'm not talking about the shooting. The leaves in the nest went to flying everywhere like it got hit by a tornado. It turns out that nest was already occupied and the fight was on. There was a female in the nest and she didn't want any part of his company. I can just hear the squawking she was doing telling him you're going to get us both shot you dang fool and she was right.

    Hope I didn't bore anybody with this but I thought you might enjoy the episode we encountered.


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    sounds like it was a good show. are we makeing some dumplings? i love-em:clap:
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    nice hunt! woulda been a fun fight to break up
  4. jwill07w

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    Don't know about dumplins but she sure can fry em great!

    Sure wish I could go with yall sometime!
  5. Tink

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    Great story wasn't boreing at all thanks for shareing
  6. RWilliams

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    Josh, I am going to have your name put on the list for club membership and then you can go hunting with me and your mom. Your going to have to be pretty good to keep up with her and her new 4 wheeler though.