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I really hate to post a link to another site on here but I've been looking for information regarding the whole process of taking some land and developing it into food plots / habitat that are good for the deer. The amount of info on is fairly limited so I just did some good ole' googling and found a site from Iowa where "food plots are king". The amount of detailed quality info you can find on here is unbelievable! The link I'm going to post is just a small section of threads that are all on food plots / habitat. Good luck getting through it all!

I know there are going to be some management issues in Arkansas that are different than Iowa (as if I had to say that:) What I'd really like to do is take what I've learned and start developing some higher traffic to this site by adding pictures of all the steps I'm going to take to put in some RR soybeans and maybe some corn. I've got a few clover plots (WI Imperial) that I planted this fall.

I'm certainly not going to claim to be doing it all right but that's the point... Hopefully with the help of constructive criticism and experience from others we can build a more thorough source of information that can help us all create some better habitat and food sources for the wildlife even if our own resources are limited.

The site I'm referring to is

I'm very anxious for the upcoming late fall / spring period!!!
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There is some good info on that website, but each area has different characteristics. My suggestion is to experiment a little and determine what works best in your area. I know folks who have had very good use of Austrian Winter Peas by whitetails, but the five acres I planted this fall have not been touched. They are walking through those peas to get to a reseeded patch of annual ryegrass. They don't have hogs in Iowa - you don't plant corn where you have hogs. That said, they do provide some good info. One of the most interesting aspects of planting foodplots is trying different things to see how well they work in your area.
You're exactly right about areas being different. I'd even venture to guess that my habitat to some degree better resembles some areas of Iowa than it would your south AR terrain! The only hogs we have around here are on license plates, t-shirts, and breakfast plates:biggrin:

I'm planning to plant multiple things around my acreage and see what happens. I think we can all agree that some food sources work better in some areas than others. However, the equipment and methods used to establish the "crops" are a little more universal which is really the information I was hoping to bring to the site...

Thanks for the post Swampcat!
Take a look at this Mississippi State University website. It has recommended plantings for food plots for the southeast. It's prob. a better fit for our area than Iowa.
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