Good morning in the field

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Levia07, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Levia07

    Levia07 Well-Known Member

    Ducks were flying good this morning

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  2. BDW

    BDW Premium Member<br>Merganser Slayer<br>2011 Turkey

    Heck yeah....Congratulations!!!! :clap:

  3. jdrake19

    jdrake19 Well-Known Member

    Woah you smoked them!
  4. Scritch

    Scritch Well-Known Member

    I would say so!
  5. 10pointman

    10pointman Moderator Staff Member

    Dang right! Congrats!

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  6. crackshot82

    crackshot82 Moderator Staff Member

  7. mallard8

    mallard8 Well-Known Member

    Sweeeet! Looks like the ole Black lab came in handy this AM!!! Congrats.... Good Hunt.
  8. clarkduck

    clarkduck Well-Known Member

    funny how no matter how many mallards you got on a lanyard they always seem to find a way in the pic!
  9. Levia07

    Levia07 Well-Known Member

    I know it! 6 limits of mallards and pintails with one "boot lip" and that's what he points out hahaha
  10. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    Thats a trophy to some and they sure can pick them out....By the way looks like a great morning.
  11. RippinLips

    RippinLips Well-Known Member

    Rookie ruining the thread... What's a boot lip?
  12. Ducks and Dogs

    Ducks and Dogs Well-Known Member

    A Hollywood
    A smilin mallard
    A spoonie
    The other green head
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  13. crackshot82

    crackshot82 Moderator Staff Member

    Someone's got to do it every time:rolleyes: