Good Day that Started Bad.......

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    My alarm didn't go off this morning, due to a circuit or OCR operation (lights blinked) and my 9V battery was dead!!:smack: So I overslept, and so did my hunting buddy!:biggrin:

    Been thinking about getting me a puppy, found a 12 week old Black Pom and made arrangements to pick it up late this evening (Tuesday)..........

    Dropped a Nanny at 1645 and got it hung up, ran to Rosston to get the pup, back to Camden just in time to eat fresh backstrap from the nanny, Thanks to my hunting buddy,:up: then had to jerk the hide off the Nanny and quarter her up, relax a little and play with my new pup, but she had a nap on her mind, now she is wanting to play and I'm ready for bed!!:smack:

    Been a good day!!:clap:

    My hunting has to work for a few hours tomorrow, then we're breaking out the smokepoles!!:biggrin:
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    Huntin buddy huh? I need me one of those! Someone to set up a nice stand in a great place! ROFL
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    Good ones are hard to find John! This old boy Donnie is one of the first friends outside of work I made when I moved to Camden in 84......his boys grew up with mine and they are still good friends...Donnie and I have been hog hunting deer hunting tree rat hunting and woman running and drinking buddies for a long time...last few years, we haven't hunted much together till this year, and it has been a good time, catching up on old times and making new memories!

    A comment tonight was made about how long it took us to jerk the hide of that Nanny using the truck lights and a flashlight, and it was easier without the flashlight being stuck in our mouth and not being bent over in a brush pile!!!:whistle:

    I didn't just say what I thought I said did I? I never made that comment and this conversation never took place!!:smack::whistle:

    And tonight, I got a new one, she's gonna take some traing though..............Bill's Midnight Baby Girl


  4. John Stiles

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    Good lookin pup....I won't say nuthin about the hide snatch' fact, I may do a little bit of that myself this mornin!
  5. Glad to hear it went from not so great to great!