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    My buddy Kyle and I hunted our 2nd comp hunt for this year. 1st morning set had two coming from different directions. One was closer so it got toasted the other came from about 400 yards out made a mad dash back!!! Then that afternoon made 2 more set on the same farm and called in a pair of singles with in 5 mins of each set. Not a bad day.... 3 yotes.JPG
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  2. pearlsnaps

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    Congrats and thank you! Kill em all
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    Nice work. Did you win? If not how many coyotes won it?
  4. jhatch

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    Jeff, we came in and another team had three as well. So we weighed the heaviest dog and they beat us by 2lbs. Then Grady showed up last min and had three yotes and a cat... so.........we lost. haha But outta 13 teams wasnt a bad turnout for us. Aslo I use a mouth call and they are using electronic calls so I was giving them heck about being more savvy. lol
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    Been there. We got second in one last year because of big dog. Where are these contests? I have to go to Kansas and Oklahoma to find any.
  6. I'm interested in that info too. I have never been in one but they sound fun.
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    Jeff its all local. oklahoma, AR and Mo. Check in is in Siloam springs. I'll get the dates up and posted for the next hunts.
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    Are u talking about the one that BW outdoors store holds in Siloam ? If so here's there # 479-549-1801. Hope that helps.
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  10. jhatch

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    no its our club hunts. Tri State Predator and preservation club. we have several club hunts for OCT-Feb. checkin is at big brother pawn at the end of each hunt day.
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    Ok well I heard that BW outdoors is having one this Sunday .If u guys are interested
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    they are having one at batesville after the first of the year. you can contact tracy wallis at batesville gun and pawn. 870-612-8028.
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    Nice Killin!!:up: