Going to a 40 from a 25 4 stroke?

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    Here's my situation. Last year I bought my War Eagle 15 48 (high back) with a Yamaha 25hp 4 stroke (long shaft). I like how I don't have to worry about the 4 stroke a whole lot, except when I try to plane out. I'm a big guy, the 4 stroke is big, and with the battery and gas tank in the back I have to move a lot of weight to the front of the boat to plane out.

    Should I look into going to a 40? Or should I try to do a battery relocation and gas tank relocation and lay off the biscuits? Would a different 25 be better for me? The 4 stroke starts right up every time and I don't wanna lose that but I also get tired of looking at my duck bill 5' in the air. :smack:
  2. If you're having a problem planing a 1548 with a F25, something is bad wrong. I have one...with the OLD style F25 (2000 model). My GF and I sit in the back of the boat together. In the back is the fuel tank, single battery, tackle box/bag, bucket full of "supplies". It planes fine. Just a bit slow to break over but it's nothing really.

    A 40 helps but the 40 is a little heavier unless it's a 2 stroke.

    Move the weight around. Go to a smaller battery (I run an optima which is under 40 lbs). I also run 3 gal of fuel-no need for 6 since it goes old before it ever gets used. Most guys I've talked to who have a 40 would just as soon have a 25 because of the weight difference. The speed difference isn't huge if the 25 is set up properly.

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    Get you a tohatsu TLDI 40! I went from 4 stroke 25 to TLDI 40 man it's a world of difference! You can run half throttle with the 40 and still be faster than full speed with the 25! Carries a load 10 times better!

    Also with the TLDI you get the reliability of a 4 stroke with weight and performance of a 2 stroke.
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    Thanks, guys. I think I'm gonna start off with the cheaper route of moving my battery forward and going to a 3 gal tank moved forward. If I'm still not happy with the amount of time it takes to plane out I'll look into trading in my motor.

    I'm still open to advice and suggestions here. :thumb:
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    May try a prop with less pitch
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    Get a tldi!!!! Or a nissan tldi. Or a mercury 2 stroke 3 cylinder
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    I have a stainless PowerTech prop and I forgot what pitch it is. The center spun out on it this summer and I haven't gotten it recentered. I'm using the stock alum prop which is actually faster and better out of the hole... but aluminum.

    Razorback123, get a 40 in one of those or just a new 25? I really don't care about top speed. I'll never race anyone. I'm getting about 25 +/- mph right now and that is all I need really. Just need it to get on pad faster with a load.
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    If you're still wanting a 25 horsepower get an etec. But if you want a little bit more power and ability to carry a load id get a 40 horse. A tldi like previous posters said gives you the reliability of a 4 stroke but performance of 2 stroke
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    Thank you, sir. I'm gonna start with moving weight and if that doesn't tickle my fancy I'll look into an etec or tldi. Thanks again everyone.
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    Just gonna go ahead and tell you that movin it around will not help you out THAT much.. It sounds to me like something may be wrong with your setup or something because that motor should do just fine on that boat, even though its not gonna be a speed demon
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    Hmmm that's bad news. I need a boat and motor expert to run it.
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    NE AR
    To Edge650 & the other guys who run Nissan TLDI'S: I'm thinking of replacing my old 25 hp on my Polarcraft 1752 mv with a 50 hp Nissan TLDI. My problem is that my boat can only hold one battery and one 6 gal. tank in the back (old style, flotation, etc.). Do you run one battery for everything, or does it take one designated for the outboard & one for the trolling motor? Also, what size is your fuel tank? Is 6 gal. enough?
    Thanks a lot!
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    im not an expert by anymeans lol. but if the motor isnt set up on the boat right it can make it run poorly. Like if the cavitation plate it set up to low which could be creating a lot of drag or something. Or it could be that your motor is WAY over propped for the number of RPMs you are turning. Just a thought bud
  14. I'll say this: The 4 strokes are VERY sensitive to propping. 1 inch too much pitch and they bog. 1 inch too little and they're on the limiter. Blade design has a huge effect too. So does rake. It all works together and trying to find someone who KNOWS that 4 stroke in terms of propping it is like finding hens' teeth. Lots of folks who think they know but most people just trade them off because they're "slow"...when in fact they can be set up to run almost as well as a similar horsepower 2 stroke. It just takes time and creativity-and the ability to think outside the box. I'm no expert, BTW. I did set up a new War Eagle 542 for a guy last winter, short shaft 2011 F25, single battery, 3 gal of gas and gear/seats. Originally it was running water up the leg and into the boat, 25 mph max which is typical for that boat with a 180 lb motor hanging directly off of the transom. We put it on a home-made jack plate (similar to a CMC manual lift only lighter/smaller) which put it back about 5" and up about 4", messed with props and loading and got 'er up to 33 and change running across Beaverfork. That heavy old F25 impressed me, which is exactly why I bought one myself (even though mine's an OLD one).

    If you're a speed freak, should have gotten a 40 to begin with. Or a Mega.

    And lastly, it's been my experience that once you start focusing on speed and performance, reliability starts to go down hill. Mine's no race boat by any means (I think it's slow as christmas) but I haven't had to turn a wrench on it yet other than replacing the oil, oil filter, impeller and check the spark plugs (which is normal maintenance on ANY outboard)...and I've had it about 2 years and run it right at 37 hours as of today. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to run 40 mph+ but 99% of the time I'm idling anyway so what good does extra speed do when you can't do anything but idle?

    Guy I work with has the exact same boat that we have (WE 548) with a Yamaha F50. 35-6 mph is tops. It's just too heavy. But being a 4 cylinder, it idles awesome.
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    Jake ask jason to help ya out he's pretty good with boats he got his goin well over 40mph. I drove it a few times and it planes within feet of take off. Jumps right up on top. Ya may look at adjusting the pitch of the motor that can make a world of difference.
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    junkyard, great info there. I don't think I could lift my motor if it were any further back though lol. Definitely gonna play with motor position and props though. Your post gave me much hope!

    Thanks Willie. Jason said the 4-stroke is my problem lol
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