Going Rate for Coon Meat and Hides?

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  1. What is everyone getting for their coon meat?

    And what are coon hides suppose to be worth this year? I have heard several different stories. Anyone know?
  2. hunter_3780

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    last i heard hides were 3-5 dollars not sure on the meat.

  3. I have been selling all my meat for $7 and haven't been having trouble finding buyers for that price. I was just curious what everyone else was getting.
  4. englishdawgs

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    I didnt think it was legal to sell the meat. I personally wouldnt skin one for anything less than $5.
  5. hav71730

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    been getting around 7 to 8 for small and around 10 for the lg.
  6. TRT

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    Where are you guys selling the meat? I have been just throwing them away.
  7. keeb

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    The black folks where I work at sure do like them. I know there isn't an abundance of ethnic diversity in Bradford, but you may have to broaden your horizons. Or hire some black guys at the sand pit. :biggrin:
  8. TRT

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    Keeb you sell and deliver I will shoot and skin. Split 50/50??
  9. keeb

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    I will ask them how many they want. I will get back with you.

    A guy I work with has a son that traps them and skins them, I don't want to undercut his son or anything but I am sure I can find someone.
  10. I sell mostly to black folks too, around Fordyce and the Bearden area. Got a few older white people that usually want one or two. Seems like Christmas and the Super Bowl is when everyone calls wanting one. I just get a flat rate on mine, big or small. If selling coon meat is agianst the law then, I'm due for jail time for sure! I have been selling it since I was probably 14 years old. And I'm in my thirties now. If it is. Thats the got to be in the TOP 10 dumbest laws The Game and Fish has out there.
  11. englishdawgs

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    I didnt know We used to just give ares away or trade it for a few boxes of shotgun shells to squirrel hunt with. But this is what the AGFC has in their rules book and website.
    (It is illegal to buy or sell wildlife (or their parts) except for pelts or carcasses of furbearers, squirrel tails, deer antlers, deer hides or feathers from nonmigratory game birds. )

    So I guess if they define Carcasses as the edible meat then I guess it is Legal to do. And I stand correct and have lost alot of money over the years.:up:
  12. keeb load a cooler full (leave 1 foot on for ID purposes) and head to Augusta.. They'll be gone in 5 minutes at 5-7 dollars each..
  13. keeb

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    That ain't a bad idea there Mr. Wog. I can head to Augusta and TRT can head to Newport. Give away a 40 with every 5th purchase. :biggrin:
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    Yeah, it is legal to sell the coon meat. I haven't sold any for a while, but my friend sells them for $7.00.