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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Vetrock, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Vetrock

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    I have a Go-Kart for sale. I'm sorry, but have forgotten most of the details about it, but I'll tell you what I know.

    It has a Briggs and Straton Motor. A chain attaches to the back left wheel. I bought this thing 2 years ago for Christmas for my boys, and it had way too much speed for my 6 year old, so we governed it down. It tops out at about 15 mph now, but easily hit 30mph, so it has that capability.

    I paid $150 for it then added padding to all the bars, added a flag that a battery can attach to to make it light up (though I never tested the light), added a cushioned seat, and replaced the tubes in both rear tires.

    The rear tires have essentially no wear, but the front tires are older and the tread is thin. It starts and runs good, and the only problems I've had with it is that occasionally slips it's chain so you have to put it back on. The chain also broke once, so I had to repair it.

    The boys haven't ridden it much, so I want it to be used by some young'un around here that will have fun with it. I'll take $200 for it, and that is a bargain.


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    man if your were close to batesville i would be all over it

  3. Vetrock

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    A couple of other details I should have mentioned - there is a seat belt, and the bench seat sits two children comfortably.

    The gas cap is actually a homemade cap that the original owner put on it to allow more air to get to the gasoline (and am told this was done to give it more speed). Its a pain to get on and off though.