Giving guns as gifts?

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  1. drewdunc75

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    So I read the sticky note posted by Mr. C about transfer of firearms, but how does it work if you have a gun that a family member wants and you just want to give them that gun? My father in law really likes one of my pistols and I have two so I just want to give him one. I live here and he lives in Ohio if that matters.
  2. loki

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    This is something I've wondered about for quite some time. I've also bought and sold and traded guns for the better part of 25 years. What about all those guns I've parted with over the years? They were registered in my name. Are they still registered in my name? I don't have an answer for ya' but I'm hoping someone will respond so I can see where I stand too. :wink:

  3. Rebel

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    That is something that I dont worry about , especially with a family member. If there was a crime committed with a firearm that I previously owned there would be evidence that it was not me. A firearm is just like anything else to me , buy ,sell ,trade, it makes no difference , I dont require a background check.:flag:
  4. Mbpike

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    That's how I do it. I've sold and bought many guns at shows and never done any paper work