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Found him!! The original big foot.

Robert Franklin "Buster" Scott was a legend in Snowball, Arkansas. (1911-1987), a tiny remote community smackdab in the Ozark Mountains. It's not too far from Marshall, Arkansas and the Buffalo River.

6'3" Buster Scott was an Arkansas Hillbilly who lived up on the mountain and had size 42 shoe! (pic Time Magazine 1939). His feet measured 16 inches long and 8 inches wide. His middle toe had a circumference of over 5 inches! His large leather shoes were handmade by Taylor Campbell, a local blacksmith. Seeing shoes his size was something you'd never forget.

We're all born with imperfections, some you can see, and others you can't. What most people who knew Buster could see that he had a Big heart with the greatest sense of humor. Buster was a school bus driver in 1930 and when little kids would ask what size shoe he wore, he'd reply, "Two and a half. Two cow hides and a half bucket of nails."

When new folks or visitors came to visit Snowball, he would as a joke leave big footprints in the mud down by the river/creek. People thought it was Sasquatch, but everyone around him got a laugh because they knew it was him.

That joke carried on.. There's a story about when Buster traveled with the Ringling Brothers circus and whenever they were in town by a beach, Buster would go down to wade in the ocean and come back up the beach leaving big footprints. He would hide and wait for people's reactions, thinking they saw the tracks of a sea monster. Local authorities would come to the beach seeing the tracks coming in and out of the water and were just dumbfounded about what it was.

He had attention wherever he went. Buster traveled the country in the 1930's offering a peek to curious spectators for only 10 cents a person. That was pretty good gig for 1930, especially when land was between $30 and $33 per acre back then. He saved enough to purchase lots of acres of his own land.. and he got it all off his feet! Only in Arkansas.. $.10 a peek. 🤣🤣

He died Feb 25, 1987 at age 78. RIP. He's buried at Whisenant Cemetery in Snowball, Arkansas.
1021 - 1023 of 1023 Posts