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Mike Moody of Double M Custom Calls in Carlisle has donated one of his Zebrawood calls with a slate surface and a white oak soundboard and a hickory striker for us to giveaway on the forum.

Here is what he has to say about his calls:

I have almost any wood available-domestics, and exotics. I have slate, glass, crystal, and anodized aluminum. Pot and striker is $25, and extra strikers are $10. shipping additional. I usually make calls per order-kinda Burger King...I make them your way.
Thanks, Mike Moody

To enter the giveaway pick three numbers and post them in this thread.

The winner will be the member whose numbers are closest to the last three numbers of what ever the Dow Jones closes at on Friday, March 29, 2008.


If the DOW closes at 12345.67 and you picked 567 you would be the winner.

Please check the thread and make sure the numbers you use haven’t been picked before. If that happens, and two people pick the same number, the first person who picked the number will be the winner.

In the unlikely event that one person would be one number over (such as picking 568) and another person picked one number under (such as 566) the person closest without going over will be the winner.

The contest closes at 4 pm CST on Friday, March 28, 2008.

This giveaway is open to any and all registered members so everyone is encouraged to enter and good luck to all who do!

And thanks to Mike Moody for the donation!

Mike can be reached by phone at 501-454-0587 or by email at [email protected].
1 - 20 of 166 Posts
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