Giles Island

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by soup, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. soup

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    Has anyone been to Giles Island deer hunting. If so how was the hunt and was it worth it. Looks like they have some tanks down there.

    ISLEEPU Well-Known Member

    No, but I'd love too:)

  3. bkknupp

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    I have been there turkey hunting . Its a nice place and the folks there are nice too. It looked like a great place to shoot a nice buck, but their rates have really gone up lately so that has ruled out a deer hunt for me. I would consider a place in the same area called Cottonwood Plantation. Its bow hunt only and the rates are more reasonable. When I talked to them last year you also got two bucks on their hunts.They have land in AR,MS, and Louisiana that is all together and I think you can hunt there on a license from any of the three states.
  4. elwaller

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    I hunted there way before it came to what it is now.. Do have big deer but there is no guarantee you will kill one. Have to be a minimum size before you can kill one. If you got the bucks to spare, probly be an enjoyable hunt.
  5. Buck-Ridge

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    I used to work with a mechanic that had a dog membership there about 25 years ago. Back then they rarely killed an 8-point. He said the duck hunting was unbelievable for roosting wood ducks. and the fishing was very good. This was before it was trophy managed.
  6. deltabowhunter

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    I'd love to go to Giles Island, but their prices are crazy for a 3 day hunt. If you are into bow hunting only I'd also check out Tara Wildlife. Keep in mind that the rut won't hit down there in MS until early January.
  7. davglo35

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    These places are priced ridiculous. I went to the mid west. Hunted on public land and had 5 bucks over 150 within bow range in a two week span.
  8. RC

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