Ghost caught on camera

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by DeLancey, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. DeLancey

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    Look at my elbow closes to you. The Eye socket the noes and a lip line are clearly seen in the photo. It was taken around 2005 close by the train trusses near Winslow Arkansas. I have heard stories of hundreds of men that died while these tracks were being constructed between Fayetteville and Van Buren
  2. DeLancey

    DeLancey Well-Known Member

    What do yall think about this

  3. I think every time I sit a deer stand I see several 'ghost deer' that turn out to be a combination of lighting, shadows and natural vegatation. Neat photo tho.

    The 'nose' is clearly the lateral epicondyle of your elbow, the 'eye socket' clearly a shadow. The lip line? I dunno.
  4. SARAH

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    Looks like a lil boy standing on the other side of u to me??... Oh sorry side closest elbow I see it now pretty cool
  5. John Stiles

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    Look like you slung yer buddy off the left side.
  6. Vetrock

    Vetrock Well-Known Member

    Party Pooper...
  7. DeLancey

    DeLancey Well-Known Member

    I have looked at this photo for years and showed it to a lot of ppl I still say it is a ghost not a shadow or muscles
  8. johnf

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    Definately Venus reflecting off swamp gas.
  9. Tink

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    Don't see nothing sorry. :shrug:
  10. Damascus-Doug

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    That's what I was thinking too.
  11. bslayer

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    look on the arm itself, just below the sleeve and above the elbow.

    thats cool.
  12. DeLancey

    DeLancey Well-Known Member

    The area the photo was taken did have a strange feeling about it you know the feeling you have when something is watching you but you just cant figure out what it is at the time. And then when you capture something like this on camera it makes me want to take more pictures when I am outside:up:
  13. What is that on the other side? It looks like a kid to me.
  14. cropdustersteve

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    :head: I'm not seeing it.
  15. BDW

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    x2....That looks exactly like a little kid on the other side.
  16. MojoMan

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    I see what your talking about on your right arm elbow, BUT what about the kid on the other side???...I mean surely you didnt have a kid standing on your wheeler while ramping it??...That is what seems odd and creepy to me not the "image" on your elbow?? cool pic tho. :head: