Get umm while they are hot!!!!

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by 9oclockflytime, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    I hear they make duxs do backflips trying to get into your hole... So deadly that even the most topwatterest of topwaters can pile up the green with um!!
    Blackops DeathFromBelow.....
  2. blake2345

    blake2345 Active Member

    what the deal with the tape?

  3. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    On which one?
  4. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    I put it on my dfb because i really dont care to lose the insert... Its not loose, but i do it to most of my calls... Kinda always have...
  5. browning_gold_12

    browning_gold_12 Moderator<br>Deer Hunting<br>Trail Cameras<br>'07

    thats a good idea. i lost the insert opening day, to my RNT my wife bought me the year i started duck hunting. :frown:
  6. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    that is a good idea. and i got me a Black ops on the way. ive seen other keyholes in action. and they definately break ducks off when i couldnt do it with my other calls. hoping the DFB is no different.
  7. shiftymcfive01

    shiftymcfive01 Super Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner<br>2013

    you guys should get a Diamond Duck Lanyard to put those calls on. double drops for all your calls. keep your junk well hung
  8. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    I dont know shifty, ill have to think about it.... I already hang pretty low.....
  9. shiftymcfive01

    shiftymcfive01 Super Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner<br>2013

    you heard the one about the two guys taking a leak off a foot bridge? first one said "dang that water is cold" the 2nd one said "yeah and it's deep too"
  10. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    Ya, i was there... Except this year it aint that deep...
  11. :censored:::fit::fit::fit::fit: that was good yall
  12. qwack smacker 1on1

    qwack smacker 1on1 Well-Known Member

    a think thats good go to the metro thread
  13. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    ive got one of those ordered too! I hear that guy that makes em does a heck of a job. :biggrin:and heck... after you get a dfb and a diamond duck lanyard the next thing u need is a diamond duck tote to haul all those greenheads out that you'll be killin.:up:
  14. Shifty does good work, I have one of both! :up:
  15. EspiE

    EspiE Well-Known Member

    I'd have one of both if he'd quit using mine to haul his ducks around! :smack: