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  1. I blew out a tire on my boat trailer today coming back up from a duck hunting trip. A bolt on my tire well came out and the well rubbed my tire until it blew-out. I had a spare, but not a wrench to take my old tire off.

    I just happened to be in front of Gerren Auto at England. I went in and asked if I could borrow a wrench, instead, the guy in there went and got their "auto guy."

    He got a roller-jack and a tire iron and helped me switch out my tire.

    When leaving I thanked the guy for helping and then on the way out offered the salesman (owner?) who I initially talked to if he wanted any money. He said, "Nope, just do something for someone else sometime."

    So, if any of yall are ever thinking about buying a vehicle, you might check out Gerren Auto at England. They were really helpful today when they didn't have to be and went above and beyond the call of duty. :up:
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    Thats good to know:up:

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    NE Ark
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    Dude, you forgot to get it proofread. It's England.
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    Let me know next time you roll through town, we'll meet and grab some lunch if you have time. Also, if you or anyone else ever has a problem near England, call me and I will be happy to help. I got all the tools you could ask for. 501-285-0330.

    Gerren will also suprise you on the prices for a small town dealer. I just kick a kick out of a lot in a town of 2500 having 5 vettes on the showroom floor.
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