George prepares to beg his majesty

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    Oppulence? Democracy? Oh...a certain type! May I be a host country??
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    We need to tell all the oil producing countries we support through food , money , and military aid drop oil prices. If not leave them at the mercy of their enemies. Examples Kwait and Saudia Araba would be envaded by their neighboring countries if not for the US protection. We need to invest all that aid and military money into alterative fuels , oil exploration, and conservation. Let's stop letting the :censored:backstabbers of the world from feeding off of and enjoying the protection of our country. When they are only alleys as long as the aid is rolling in. Just like the story goes , let someone pass out 100 dollars bills and he have lots of friends. Stop the flow of money and it's ''where's the SOB with our money ?:razz:
  3. Several things struck me....

    the gas price increase has been killing the american family for a while and what happened to open his eyes?

    I wonder if the foreclosure and credit card situation helped corporate interests to push this or attempt to band aid it.

    Do the politicians realize that when you mow someone elses yard yours gets nasty?
    Meaning build up anothers economy and ours goes south.............foriegn nations are now wanting our way of life thus supply and demand......

    I supported GW as we have had no real choices in the past 2 elections but it is apperent his advisors are idiots. that one I actually got from one that knows him very well.
    I am more upset that He said drilling and refining cabilitys would be increased and it hasnt happened.

    And the one thing that crawls my skin..............Here we are as a nation spending our money and borrowing money against our land from the chinese ,spilling our childrens blood in their sand and many lives whisked away for them ..........the middle eastern people.............and OUR president has to beg to reduce crude prices to stabilize OUR economy!!!!!!!!!

    Look at the saudi military .........who equips them? trains them??
    We have supported them and helped them to survive and OUR president has to beg!!!!!!!!:mad: