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  1. octoberbuck

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    I traveled south this past week . Ducks and geese were everywhere! These pictures were taken between Stuttgart and Dewitt. ( The first pic is near White River NWR)
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  2. cuppinducks

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    I'd give anything to be in the middle of that during the conservations season with an unplugged gun.:thumb:

  3. octoberbuck

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    Geese 2

    This is the largest flock of geese I have ever seen in my life. They were strung out for over a mile across this bean field. The bean field is approximately 4.5 miles wide and lies by the east side of the levy by south eastern side of lower White River NWR.
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  4. cuppinducks

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    Lets go!!! I'll leave work right now:thumb: I wish. That would be so much fun. Not sure which is more fun. 1000s of ducks or 10,000s of geese.:confused: Ok, either would be just fine and dandy:biggrin:
  5. octoberbuck

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    I'm glad you said 10000 because I was thinking 10000 plus when I saw them. Just didn't think anyone would believe me.
  6. duckman1

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    those are some sweet pics. my uncle runs foss lake in western oklahoma, its a wildlife refuge and he said they were estimating there to be about 125,000 geese on the refuge and expecting more in the next week.:eek:
  7. cuppinducks

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    You don't have to convince me I see the pics and they speak for theirselves. I've seen alot of geese in my young days but that looks like more than I have ever seen as well
  8. TheBattman

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    Sitting on my deer stand this AM, I watched a couple of fields over get loaded up like that. The field in question is about 140 acres - and it was absolutely solid with geese - and all morning more geese were pouring in. Every so often, a bunch would jump up, circle, and light again - looked almost like a tornado!

    Went back out this afternoon - and they were still there. ABout 5pm, they all got up - what an awesome sight! And they went down less than 1/4 mile into another field. I have seen some flocks that would go over 10K, and this bunch looked significantly larger. I hesitate like some of you to actually take a guess as I don't know anyone but my Father In Law would believe me (because he saw them too).
  9. duck

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    I think this is why our mallard population is not what it used to be because of these snow geese. They eat all the grain and take the nesting grounds up north.
  10. MM

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    duck, they most certainly do compete for the waste grain on the wintering grounds.....but they don't even remotely come close to nesting in the same parts of the world Up North.

    Just the same, your point may still be valid.
  11. bps12

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    I believe you, why don't you and me go over there and work on a few of them.:thumb: Man seeing that many geese lift at one time is an awesom sight. the first time I hunted over in the delta and didn't kill a bird but I had a hell of a time just watching them geese fly over the field.
  12. TheBattman

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    The noise they make will blow someone who hasn't experienced it away!
  13. bps12

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    Yeah thats right they can sure make some noise when they take off like that.
  14. VALES

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    I have about 275 or so decoys. We have slaughtered them a few times but i haven't been but once in the past couple years. I have shells, sillouettes, rags, and i know i remember how to work a call if somebody can get us permission to goose hunt we can try to work on them a little.