Gas prices in your area?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Gemini2281, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Gemini2281

    Gemini2281 Moderator<br>Help Forum<br>

    Looks like prices are going up again. Gas was $2.94 in Walnut Ridge yesterday. Passed through Batesville the other day and it was $2.99.

    What are the prices everywhere else?
  2. Hip

    Hip Well-Known Member

    2.92 in cabot

  3. arcountryboy

    arcountryboy Well-Known Member

    2.97 in England, 2.87 with a kroger card.

    AKA to dang high!
  4. fullcredit

    fullcredit Super Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like we're finally paying for that oil spill.:down: 2.97 in Forrest City. The following site records prices around the state.
  5. Gemini2281

    Gemini2281 Moderator<br>Help Forum<br>

    I use that site all the time but it rarely has prices for the more rural towns in the state. It is great to keep track of prices in some of the bigger towns though.
  6. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    i filled up for 2.90 at Sams Club the other day. dont like this at all. cant wait till taxes come and i get a custom tune done to my Sierra from Black Bear Performance. an extra 2mpg makes a big diff when its $3 a gallon
  7. dash4cash

    dash4cash Well-Known Member

    Paying $3.09 here in S.E. Wisconsin
  8. Guitarzan

    Guitarzan Well-Known Member

    $2.95 in Conway and Cabot.

    I saw it coming and prepared...................................did you?

    Guys, gas goes up every time a major Holiday comes up and people travel more. Buy Oil futures before the holidays, and sell them NOW! During the holidays.

    Life sucks, everyone is trying to make a dime off of you. Why not turn the tables?

    It IS that easy! Really! :up:
  9. Hog_54

    Hog_54 Well-Known Member

    $2.94 Farmington
  10. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    I paid $2.89.9 today at Sams in Jonesboro. Most other stations are around $2.94.9. Saw one at $2.99.9.
  11. Sylamore

    Sylamore Super Moderator Staff Member

    Mountain View Wal Mart is $2. 97/gal. :thumb:
  12. Gemini2281

    Gemini2281 Moderator<br>Help Forum<br>

    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you invest and what kind of return are you expecting?

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Tuesday was 2.86.......

    This morning 2.96........:mad:
  14. Guitarzan

    Guitarzan Well-Known Member

    The amount invested always depends on how confident I am in the trade. So that varies. Also if I made a bad trade before I have less to work with and so on. But as a general rule I try to keep my trading account around 10k.

    I have been daytrading stocks and options for a long time. I try not to get greedy. (anymore :biggrin:) When I think something is going to move I get in and get out after I make 10%. Im not trying to get rich, just trying to beat what the banks pay in interest, which nowdays is nothing!

    I Trade ETF's a lot instead of futures because it takes less money. They allow you to trade futures the same way you buy and sell stocks. ETF's move with the futures market. For Oil I trade DBO.

    Here is an article on ETF's.

    Start watching oil prices and notice how thay act before a major holiday. It doesn't work everytime, but it does most times.
  15. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    It was $2.86 at the Benotn Walmart and yesterday when I was going to work $2.84 at the Race Track on Geyer Springs(LR)
  16. SR4

    SR4 Super Member<br>'07/'08 Bowhunting Contest Team Wi

    I paid 2.89 last night when I filled up
  17. randun2000

    randun2000 Well-Known Member

    2.99 here at Barton
  18. jd huntn

    jd huntn Well-Known Member


    2.89 a gal here in alma...... 3.22 for deisel:banghead: i drive a deisel:mad: hope my tax lady has her pen and calculator ready these farm expenses are getting high:fit:
  19. Mbpike

    Mbpike Well-Known Member

    2.99 in the Conway area