Gas Prices, Again

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by longspurs, Jan 3, 2008.

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    Crude hit $100 a barrel yesterday before backing off slightly. My question is at what price per gallon will you have to make a significant lifestyle change. Like it or not its something we'll all face sooner than later.
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    i don't drive as much as i use to and when i do go hunting or fishing i try to go to the closer place. ammo, grocery, everything is going up . don't believe things are going to get any better. as they say progress:smack:

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    Gas is $3.00 a gallon here. For regular. :smack:
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    I swore an oath to never pay more than $2.75 a gallon.....I been stayin close to bicycle is calling to me right now, but it's still below 30 degrees:razz:
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    The prices have already started to affect our habits - from consolidating trips into town, to making us reevaluate trips to LR.

    But these prices do not have to stay high- while many place the blame for high oil/gasoline prices on demand (yes demand has grown, but not a 100% demand increase in the last 4 years). The #1 factor in the price of oil and gasoline is the value of the US dollar. The US dollar is at all-time or near all-time record lows against other currencies. This is because of the low interest rates and the Federal Reserve still pumping cash into the economy. Cheap money means foreign investors loose interest in the Dollar. Thus the falling value.

    The most obvious to us would be the exchange rate between US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. Just a few years back, you could buy more than $1.40 worth of Canadian dollars for One US Dollar. I even remember a time with the exchange rate as high as $1.60 to one US. Now they are essentially equal in value. The Canadian Dollar has not increased in value, the US dollar has fallen.

    If we think the credit crunch we hear about is an issue - just wait. If the US doesn't quit borrowing (speaking of both the government and citizens) at the idiotic current rate, the dollar will further plunge and oil prices will be closer to $150 per barrel (imagine gasoline prices at that cost!).

    The dollar is falling in worth faster than my income is growing - I don't know about you guys. But it should make us all concerned for our financial security - because your retirement dollars are loosing value almost faster than they can earn interest.

    Low interest rates are really a tax - that we all pay because our money is worth less. Same net effect.
  6. Oh why do you want to get me fired up?

    IMO the gas issue is the biggest ripping of the American people in history!

    I have never been one to screem conspiracy but I think this whole deal is!!!!!!

    I was putting gas in my truck and thinking when I bought the thing new in1995 at times I could fill it for $26 bucks and honestly until GW took office I could fill for under $35.
    Now 50 to 70 bucks!!!!!!!:eek:

    Look at how much things have increased in price in direct relation to gas and diesel take a minute and think who are GW's and dick's friends are??

    Anyway I am not ready to rip on the leaders of our nation at this time of the morning and I guess your post wasnt for ripping......

    Yeah I have adjusted a little but still I am gonna go on.:mad:
  7. TheBattman

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    If anyone believes that fuel prices would be lower if GW was not in office might ought to look back at my post and honestly consider what I wrote. It is all easy enough to verfiy.

    Now - is it possible that gas prices could have been lower with John Kerry or Al Gore in office - maybe had interest rates skyrocketed. But then we all would not be able to afford (using the term loosely) any form of credit and the economy itself would likely have already tanked (with lots of unemployment).

    Many people who blame Bush for high gas prices also believe that we would be better off negotiating with terrorists.

    Those same folks also often are very much in favor of amnesty for law-breaking illegal immigrants.

    While I am no Ron Paul supporter (and do not plan to vote for him), he does know economics - and he sums it all up rather well when it comes to the value (or lack thereof) of the dollar.

    Oh - and guess who controls the price of oil---- while producers (like the OPEC oil cartel/criminals who are primarily of Muslim belief - and terrorist supporting) can have some effect through how much they produce/pump. But the biggest factors are the value of the currency used for trading (the US Dollar) and speculators.

    The rules that apply to insider trading of stocks and other funds should apply to the trading of oil.

    Are the big oil companies making record profits - yes, but it is not so much because of a massive profit margin, but because sales of gasoline and diesel are still booming despite the prices.

    Exxon pays the same price per barrel for oil that Shell does, and every other player. If the barrel of oil purchased today is $100 - do you think the price of gasoline made from that oil will also increase in price to match? You bet.

    If I build a house when lumber prices are at $x per board-foot, and then build another identical house with the price of the same lumber at $2x per board-foot, guess what that does to the cost of that house....

    If someone can explain how a President of the United States can control oil/gasoline prices (short of taking dicatorial powers and mandating a set price - which would then usher in 1970's style gas shortages), then I am willing to listen.

    Do you enjoy the current low interest rates? You are paying for them via the costs of everything else (including fuel).

    Oh - and Al Gore campaigned wanting to eliminate the internal combustion engine.... and was in favor of price increases to force people to drive more efficient cars....
  8. John Stiles

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    Drove to town for groceries today...wife asked me if I thought we should fill up....I told her Naw....we still have half a tank.....we can wait till next month!
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    It just burns me up when people try to blame one person for all the world's problems. Global warming- Its his fault. High Gas prices- Its his fault. I suppose that he is responsible for JFK's assassination. I believe that people need to get their heads out of the clouds(media) and try to think for theirselves. Has he been a good president probably not so lets just blame everything on him. Just be grateful that you live in the greatest nation on earth. You knows who's fault global warming and high gas prices are. Its your fault and mine. We are to blame. Not just a single person. Even Al Gore is to blame because he has played a part in it just the same as you and me. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok I am done.
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    Aw..everybody knows Johnson had Kennedy killed by Oswald who was killed by Jack Ruby, who was killed by a secret agent, so nobody would know that the Viet Nam war was all about oil, that Castro needed to fuel his nuclear missiles that the KGB sold him to destroy a secret Vodka distillery in Las Vegas!:confused:
  11. Wow just a minute battman let's not accuse folks that think our elected officials are to blame for our economy and put rags on thier heads!

    Look GW signed NAFTA ,Klintoon was in bed with the chinese and both of their vices have had thier hands in our situation.

    Look at what these fellows have done to the American worker and Industry!
    They seem to be more concerned with some chinese or iraqy turd living like we have than US!!

    We complain about china then turn around and support their economy thus causing our gas prices to go up.
    And what 80% of Americans aren't considering is china is a super power that might just wipe us some day!

    And I am guilty cause I would bet this computer that I write on has had some chinese sweatshop workers hands on it.
    Why not American? Because they (above) have made it much to lucrative for corporate criminals to go there and make big money that only supports the rich!

    Now how is all this relative to gas..........our own (I say this very loosely)leaders have sold us out .

    Your right our dollar is weak cause as an industrial nation WE are weak!!!

    Where are we as a nation headed? I hope not third world class.

    But anyway George didnt do this by himself as usual he had help or guidance.
    Now in 12 months we will be getting close to watching someone else swear in.Lets hope it's not another klintoon . we need a REAL AMERICAN that cares about you and me and our well being.
    I haven't even said anything on the so called war on terror but it ties in and contributes to our situation.
    But now I something else to do........................
  12. fullcredit

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    According to a report I saw on CNN today, the reason oil hit $100.00 per barrel yesterday was because one of the traders wanted to be the first person to pay $100/barrel. He wanted to be able to tell his grandkids that he was the first to pay $100/barrel. The gambling system we have to set prices is absolutely ridiculous!
  13. John Stiles

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    Maybe he'd also like to be the first one to test a taser shot to his cajone's:mad:
  14. I'll be happy to administer:wink:
  15. fullcredit

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    John, John, HOW can you read my mind like that????:thumb:
  16. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I went into Little Rock at 7AM this morning and regular gas was 294.9/Gal. When I left at 2;30 this afternoon, the same stations were 309.9/Gal. No telling where it will end.
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    Whiner! :biggrin:
  18. Someone was smiling when they gave the call to go up:mad:

    The store that I usually do business is looking for some bullet proof vests to wear when they change the masters price for GO juice!:eek:
  19. Gooch

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    George Bush and Prince Abdullah stroll through spring flowers at the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas holding hands.

    This came off the AP wire! Nothing to see here folks. Carry on......
  20. TheBattman

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    Uh... dude - Clinton fought for and signed NAFTA into law.... 1992. While the initial negotiations for NAFTA started with George HW Bush (GW's father), the agreement faced very stiff opposition in the Senate. Clinton fought to push through NAFTA.