Game Winner 15ft 2 Person Ladder Stand

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  1. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    So my grandmother in law bought me/us "my wife and I" a Game Winner 2 person 15ft ladder stand.

    Setup was pretty easy with it, all you gotta do is fallow the instructions:whistle:

    It's kind of shaky when it first gets put on the side of the tree, once everything is ratchet strapped in place it's pretty solid.

    My complaint about it is, the padding for the seat basicly sucks, not near thick enough to cushion the ole bottom for hours on end:smack: But that is a easy fix, I have some extra camo padding that I plan on bringing with me the next time I go out:up:

    And they way the thing is designed, you can only sit straight up there is no reclining back alittle bit, this made my back hurt pretty bad while sitting in it yesterday morning. We did a 3.5hr set in it, and I was ready to get out of it when it came time to leave.

    But I think for the money you really can't go to wrong:shrug:

    I plan on pulling it down after season is over and weld all the joints so it won't creak and pop whenever you shift around in it
  2. speedygman

    speedygman Well-Known Member

    I do like the seat in the middle that flips up; pretty nice if you're hunting by yourself. Welding it together is a good idea, they are wobbly, but for the money it's a good deal.

  3. I've wanted one for a few years now but have not bought one yet. Academy has them listed @ 30% off this week, check this weeks ad!
  4. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    I seen that, I've got all the welding equipment and was thinking about making my own, but dang its hard to build one for what they are selling those things for.
  5. Nuge Fan

    Nuge Fan Well-Known Member

    got one of these for Christmas, it's still in the box and prob. won't be hunted out of til next Christmas. My uncle told me the same thing about not being able to lean back or get comfy in them.
  6. I have had one of these for two years now. You are right. They get a little uncomfortable after a few hours but overall it is a god deal for $100.
  7. I dont know the brand of mine but it looks just like that one and came from wal Mart. I dont like the sitting up straight either but its worked great for four years. Ive about beat it to death dragging it behind my 4 wheeler but it still works great and if you put enough ratcheting on it, it dont squeak. I move around a lot in the stand.
  8. hunter_3780

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    is there enough room up there for 2 adults?
  9. Im 6'3" 250 and my boy is 5'8" 190. We fit pretty good even bundled up with two guns.
  10. hunter_3780

    hunter_3780 Select Member<br>2014 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    thats the only thing i had been worried about. i may have to invest in one :up:
  11. Yeah. You can't sprawl out or anything but there is room. I'm 6'1"/180 lbs and my wife is pretty petite (110 pounds) and when we are bundled up there isn't much leftover space.
  12. Mine came with two harnesses also. Thats a good thing. My wife and my son both tend to go to sleep when the sun hits them. :fit:
  13. hunter_3780

    hunter_3780 Select Member<br>2014 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    i dont think i will have to worry about that with my wife she is scared to death up there. i hope the harness might help her fear though.
  14. I think you would like it. I bought some see through camo netting and attached it to the crossbar for concealment.
  15. canuck

    canuck Well-Known Member

    I got one earlier this year and really like it. I got the blind kit thats made for it ($50) and it makes it nice on those rainy days and really helps conceal you.