Game Warden takes sd card from camera

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    I found this on a sports board. This is the cliff notes version. If mods will allow it I will post a link to the thread.

    Diesel gets a new deer lease in mississippi
    game cameras are setup along with feeders
    game cameras are showing lots of pics
    1 camera has far less pics than the others
    SD card in this camera has additional pics on it
    Additional pics include scenic view, blonde woman & her man
    blonde is dubbed - Whop Head Dolly
    Dude is dubbed - Green Jeans
    Diesel comes here for help
    weeks later Diesels buddy encounters Green Jeans on their lease
    Green Jeans is a MS game warden & issues Diesels buddy a ticket for no orange
    Green Jeans admits to swiping the cards & agrees to return them
    Buddy reports to Diesel that a camera & feeder have been stolen & he spotted Green Jeans
    Diesel updates the board
    Several posters aid Diesel in his search for Green Jeans true identity
    Diesel gets a name & is waiting to confirm with his buddy
    new poster gferg pops up out of nowhere & says he can help
    The board suspects that Green Jeans may be on to us
    Diesel is waiting to report Green Jeans to the authorities until he can confirm the name
    With the help of the OD Board, Diesel has confirmed that Green Jeans is none other than Allen Patrick
    This was also confirmed by several members of the board who googled the dudes name
    Diesel filed a complaint online & planned to call in a complaint the next morning
    Since filing the report, Diesel has been MIA & the board is concerned that Diesel may have become a victim of whop head Dolly
    Pg. 29 - Diesel posts an update
    Diesel comfirms that he did follow up with a phone complaint & is told that he will hear back from Five-0 soon
    He never gets a call
    Diesel returns to his lease to find that all his remaining game cameras have been stripped of their memory cards
    Diesel goes hunting & while in the stand he spots a MDWFP truck snooping
    Diesel makes another call to a higher ranking official
    The official he spoke to confirms that the incident is infact under investigation
    Diesel get several facebook friend requests from folks in the area where he hunts
    Diesel believes that Green Jeans or one of his buddies may have sent the request
    Diesel still has not received a call back from Five-0 regarding his complaint
    The board suggests that Diesel take this to the next level & get the Feds involved
    Everyone on the board seems to agree that an agency other than MDWFP needs to be contacted
    Diesel confirms that he is infact packing heat in the form of a side arm while in the stand
    The board suggest that Diesel post a sign reading "Tresspassors will be shot" on his lease
    jsmoke posted cliffnotes
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    Awesome story. Idiot warden. I would bring the law into it as soon as possible. I agree bring the Feds in. Scum like that is why the g&f suck so bad. And to think they are paying this guy to jack around and steal SD cards

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    Too long didn't read.
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    good post. would you have read it if he had thrown in some pictures?:fit:
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    So was whop head Dolly and Green Jeans out there snipe hunting? Sounds like ole Green Jeans was trying to cover up any evidence of impropreity to me:biggrin:
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    General opinion is green jeans was scouting for big deer and mistakenly put wrong card back in camera. Poster actually thinks he took the camera and brought it back because it was on a different tree. Here is Green Jeans and wop head Dolly.

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    Probably. My attention span sometimes is short. And I can't read anyway.
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    man this is getting good
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    post the link por favor :clap:
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    Wop Head Dolly looks pretty hot to me but I am getting older and one thing is for sure, sometimes you have to lower your standards in order to raise your average!:thumb:
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    Exactly which federal agency handles stolen memory cards? FBI, CIA, Secret Service maybe? :head:
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    OOOOOOOOO So Green Jeans took the card or camera and accidentally put a different card back in the camera:head:I think is how I understand it.

    Mop Head ain't no slouch:biggrin:
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    It is on the outdoor section of a sports message board. The rules here are you can't post links to other boards. If a mod wants I can PM the link first so he can decide if they want to allow it.
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    Are y'all joking about mop head? Looks pretty trashy to me.....y'all sure ur lookin at the right girl? Things that make ya say.....Brrrrrrrrgh
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    PM me the link please. Thanks
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    Maybe Diesel needs to take pics of Dolly nd Green Jeans to Green Jeans wife!!!!:smack:
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    Looks like that Ol' Hide has been rode hard....
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    Dolly looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every other branch.