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  1. Wonder what your thoughts are on this.
    I am going to tell the truth about what happened and assuming you believe me what would you do in this case.

    During the doe only hunt October 15th I shot a doe from my porch October 15th. I was cooking sausage and saw the big doe out of my window. I shot the doe in the neck and she fell instantly. I pulled out my hunting license and filled out the tag. I checked the deer in using my phone app and wrote the check number on the tag (while waiting on sausage to finish). I finished cooking my breakfast and ate it. I got my deer cleaning gear and moved the doe 50 feet or so to my cleaning rack and skinned and cleaned the deer. I then took the deer to a local processor and ask him if he wanted the tag. He told me no he just wanted the information copied off of my tag to his labels. I picked the deer up the next day. I forgot about the deer for the most part other than eating it lol. Here is where the game warden comes into play. A buddy and I were duck hunting at White Oak lake on November 24th. The GW’s showed up to check us. Which as far as duck hunting we were legal because we both try to be on every possible way. They checked everything and when the game warden looked at my hunting licenses he saw that I had a tag that was completely filled out but obviously not torn from the original. He wrote me for “Not Properly Tagging Game”. I do understand where it states in the AGFC rule book and understand what I had done wrong. I also understand that a lot of people try to keep their tags and never check a deer in. In order to kill more deer. I could not have possibly have done that since the deer was checked in re using that tag would make me check in 7 deer and that would be insane. Besides I will never kill 6 deer in a year not enough freezer. I’m not saying the GW was wrong to write me the ticket as I did not follow the book to the letter. However I do feel it was a bit harsh to give me 12 points and $375 fine for something that was clearly not intentional. Every deer I have killed in the woods I attach to deer. But based on this situation as I was cleaning it at my home. I didn’t see the point to attach to deer then take back off while cleaning the deer. I have had Tags fall off while cleaning and its very disgusting to dig through guts to find a tag. I have read every possible thing on rules and I know what I had done wrong. Also the bulletin that came out on the 15th of November was too late for me. If I would have seen this I would have torn the tag off of my license.
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    I would tear the tag off next time...

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    that is a tough situtation. I would plead guilty, explain the situation, and ask for a probation type deal. maybe fine and no points or something
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    12 points and $375 is tough but you admit you were in the wrong. Looks like it's time to either pay up or plead your case in front of a judge and hope for leniency.

    It seems he could have gone a little lighter though.
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    Judges are a lot more understanding than game wardens, you owe it to yourself to present your side to a judge and let him decide what the penalty is.
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    That is just the way it happens, 80% plus of the tickets given are not for major violations, just for forgeting to dot your I's and crossing your T's correctly. The tag still attached to your licence is your killer. But like the above, I would go to court, tell my side, show it was legally checked & all, and just a non intended violation. What do you have to lose, court cost & all are figured into the price of the ticket when given, only thing it will cost you more is your time.
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    Judges will generally side with the officer. They don't usally change anything when it comes to wildlife violations unless obviously in the wrong. It has to be attached before movinfg and while cleaning. If you remove while cleaning same fine would apply. It sucks that it was that rough but those guys are generally not lenient at all. Next time dispose of the evidence at least remove it from your other tags. Good luck.
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    Bad deal, I'm with you. It is harsh, but I would tear the tag off next time if I were you.
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    In a tough spot. Go to court prepared to pay the fine, but explain the situation to the Judge and he might be able to knock the fine down a bit. As far as points, if the judge rules guilty, I'm pretty sure he has no control over the point system with the AGFC. Be glad it wasn't anymore than that or you would be spending some time on the bench. It sucks that you can do everything by the book and go above and beyond to stay the straight and narrow when something silly like that happens, but JoeBlow down the road can shoot 20 deer and never bat an eye or get in trouble.
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    I can't fathom that he gave you a ticket seeing that (a) the CHECK# was written on the tag! Generally speaking, tagged deer are for the purpose of transport and or transfer of the deer/meat till final destination. Since (b)you shot it at home and consumed it at home, and (c)the AGFC has record of the tag and check number. You mighta been duck hunting, but I doubt there was the least possibility you were gonna check your ducks w/that tag. If you killed another deer and tagged it with that recorded tag, you'd have been a poacher....anybody with common sense could see that, unless you went duck hunting on the same day you checked the deer. If I'd been the WO I wouldn't have sited you, but I'm smarter generally than the average bear! LOL Take it to court.:thumb:
  12. I guess I agree with everyone else on how to handle your situation from here.... But.....
    I just have to say out loud.. this is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard of!!!!!:smack:

    Yes... I see what was done wrong!
    Yes... They have to abide by the rules in print no matter the circumstance! (whats fair for one is fair for all..)

    But 12 points and $375 is not "harsh" ... its freakn absourd!! all for not tearing a perforated line????
    You try and do right.. use their new online tools and all... no harm intended.. and this is how they repay law abiding folks !!!!

    :soapbox: Ok, thanks for listening.

    Oh ya.. thanks for saving me $750 and 24 points... I mean for saving this guy I know whom I will never
    reveal the name of no matter how much they tourture me!!!!:biggrin:
  13. From what Ive seen most of the gw's are "Barney Fife" made over, most of them are gonna hunt til they find something. They do have a job to do and somebody has to do it, that being said some of them are zealous....
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    And they hear every story you can imagine over and over. That would make them skeptical of everyone they deal with. Tag it before you move it and sign it before you tag it. Thats what they got me for years back. Not signing it.
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    I see both sides yes you were in the wrong and yes they have a job to do. IMO i would go to court date plead my side and if it gets taken off great, if not you know not to do that again because there going to stick you on it.
  16. I would like to say thank you. I killed one the same time My 10 year old killed one at the end of October. I filled out his tag in the book and mine on my license and called in before we left the woods and put the check # on both tags. I just thought about it when reading your post and looked and lo and behold, I hadnt tore it out. I have now. Thanks for posting this.
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    sign the actual license or tag? there is no place for signature on tag...
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    I've heard of people shooting deer and not finding them, but feel so strongly that they killed it that they fill out a tag. So what about this situation? If the tag was still on the license?
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    I would definitely go to court & tell my side of the story. Only thing you'll lose is a little time.
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    Take it to court and plead your case. You were technically wrong, but that GW was a ****** for writing that citation.

    Edited to add: Apparently we have new software that automatically limits the use of the word commonly used to describe a certain feminine hygiene product. Sorry. That GW is a Summer's Eve feminine hygiene product.