G&F wanting input on 2011-12 Season

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by 4hunting, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. 4hunting

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    G&F has started asking for impute again for the coming reg's to apply to next years season. Just thought we could list some on here to see what some of us would like to see. I know APR's are a big topic, but after talking to some folks inside the G&F system today I think that issue is not the table at the present time for any type of consideration in change, so if we please, lets not bog down the thread with that topic. If you want to say something about APR's lets just hold it to this, if you like them the way they are say keep the same, if you want them higher say that, & if lowered or stopped, say the same, but lets not get into a massive disscussion about the why's, how comes, & if's of the subject. As they said, if there is enough of a common trend showing in any direction that something needs to be changed in the APR's as they are at present, but if there is a trend leaning in a common direction then maybe it might be looked at, but that does not show to be the case at present. Some of the things that were brought up that is being kicked around were season lengths, bag limits, reg's, ect. that may be subject to consideration. What are some of the things you all would like to see put up for consideration!


    :read:Everyone should have a right to say what they want. Even if one does not agree with another's idea's let them have their say without turning this into a "See who can Bash Another" thread!:up:

    So I will start:

    APR's----- Stopped

    1 Buck Statewide bag limit

    Reduction in Modern Gun season days with a possible split in the season where all forms of deer hunting is closed during that split period.

    Maybe consider putting into place where a doe has to be taken by all hunters by some method before a buck can be harvested

    Take the deal out of the reg where a person 65 or older can harvest deer during the first youth hunt. If it is a youth hunt keep it just that.

    Strongly look at the practice of issuing depedation permits and the abuse of them by those that have them & if practice is left in place put some very strong, supervised reg's into place where they can be used.

    Simplify the reg's in their writting where they are not so vauge in some area's.
  2. OuachitaMtnMan

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    I only agree with the last 2 proposals you posted.

    I would vote for a minimum age (say 5yrs old) for youth hunters. 18 month old babies checking deer is ridiculous.

    Bring back Fall Archery Turkey season but not Fall shotgun.

    That's all I can think of now

  3. Let me get my popcorn popped. :biggrin:

    I would agree with a one buck limit statewide. Especially on all WMA's.

    As for the extra doe tags, well I will let more rational minds debate that subject. IMO the practice needs to be stopped simply because of the abuse that the current system allows.
  4. smokin joe

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    I would vote on the earn a buck by killing a doe first program
  5. Matthew.loftis

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    I think MG could benefit by having a split. Not shortened necessarily, but split for sure. As a working man, I have to go on weekends or plan some vacation time. If you shorten it, folks like myself won't have as much opportunity to use their MG.

    I think ML season is good as is. Might take a week of the front end and give those days to the Christmas Gun Hunt. Make it ML instead of MG.

    2-buck limit is okay where I hunt. Doe tags are sort of bogus. Wouldn't be opposed to some sort of penalty on BBs. 4pt one one side rule would be good as well.

    And please bring back fall turkey season.

    My .02
  6. coonnutz

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    I'm good with the way they have things now, with the exception, of in the northern zones add doe to the whole modern gun season instead of just opening weekend, and possibly shortening modern gun season by a week, not shorten it to a week.

    3 points on one side is still a good rule.

    I almost kinda like the idea of killing a doe before being able to kill a buck, but maybe they could work it someway where if you kill a buck the next deer you kill has to be a doe then your third deer can be a buck, just a though.

    I would also like to see them take the rule away with wearing hunter orange while your one your OWN private property, orange still applies to hunting WMA's also another thought:shrug:

    I personally hate wearing orange when I'm bowhunting on my own land:head:
  7. alexanderg23

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    no scopes on crossbow and muzzleloaders

    2 buck limit, but must kill a doe after 1st to get 2nd

    keep 3 pt rule

    let you hunt hogs w/ claymores :biggrin:
  8. John Stiles

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    Elephants, Moose, and Grizzly Bears....run the durg dealers and poachers outta the woods:fit::fit::fit::fit::fit::fit::fit:
  9. canuck

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    Open bow season in september!!! I also like the earn your second buck idea.
  10. DeLancey

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    1 buck limit state wide
    Open deer archery season in September state wide
    Open Zone 1 bear season September 15th like ZONE 2
    Close turkey season state wide for a year
    Provide a bounty on animals that prey on Turkey/ Turkey eggs such as coyote bobcat skunk ect...
  11. Hobbshunter

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    I cant really think of anything with the current deer season or limit that really needs to be changed.
  12. SwampCat

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  13. shotgun wg

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    Earn a buck.
    Apr- maintain
    Must take second doe to get second buck
    Second buck 8pt or better.
    I would like to see some kind of bb fine but that could be club lease issue to handle.

    Leave mg and ml alone.
    Stop feb. Bow the deer Are shedding and makes following APR nearly impossible.

    I understand limits may need adjusted in different zones acording to population and buck doe ratio. In some zones the doe limit needs to be maintained as in zone 12 with 3 if not 4 doe only tags.
  14. woodsnwater

    woodsnwater Well-Known Member

    Earn a buck. Don't sound to bad. I like to see less confusing regulations. Keep all points system the same. I don't see a problem with ML nor MG. Now shorten bow season a month would not hurt my feelings. I am usually done hunting by middle to end of Jan anyway. Sometimes earlier. Everything else seem s to be fine with me.
  15. AfterLife

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    Best thing for the Deer would be:
    revert back like it was before three point rule.
    Deer population was better quality. 3pt rule has done more harm than good.

    By the time deer are old enough to be legal, they could have breed a couple maybe few times. CAUSING IMBREEDING. This rule has let this occur and not allowed for more mature and other bucks to roam.

    By the time a buck is old enough to breed, he can turn around a breed back to his own momma, cause they do not distinguish between.

    But, if having to discuss the above.....
    1. ONE buck limit would be good, maybe people would be more selective and in itself would increase the number of does taken.

    2. DOE before buck would be good for the honest people, I am sure there would be some that would falsely tag a doe in order to go straight to buck.

    3. Archery fall turkey season needs to be brought back. fall shotgun keep it closed.

    4. Youth hunt should be tweaked a little.... minimum age of 5 or so definately needs to happen; however, cutting out 65 and older hunters i dont agree with. Maybe raising it to 70,75 and older would be option.

    5. Only shorten if anything Modern Gun season in zone 12 by a week
  16. D

    D Well-Known Member

    Drop APRs.

    Place slot rule for some WMA

    1 buck limit on ALL WMA

    ALL ZONES same opening and closing dates the same

    Bow season: Sept 15- Oct 31 Jan 1-Feb 28

    Gun season :Nov 1-30

    MZ: Sept 1-14 Dec 26-31

    Make zone 12 ONLY an earn a buck zone. You must kill a doe before you can kill buck #1 and another one before buck #2.

    No baiting until AFTER Dec 1

    make nubbin bucks count as 2 tags!
  17. jsilver919

    jsilver919 Well-Known Member

    Split ML season in half. one half for inline Muzzle loaders and the other for traditional

    1 buck statewide

    my biggest gripe - remove all the restrictions on hogs and coyotes on wma's. let ppl hunt them yr round with 30 cal and below!!!! i hate this rule
  18. cropdustersteve

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    Not this crap again!:smack:Seems like this pops up one or twice a week. Leave the regs to the people who make them. I'm sure they can handle it.
  19. GWHunter

    GWHunter Well-Known Member

    Bring back check stations

    One time use buck tags that must remain on antlers until end of season

    Earn a buck

    One buck limit statewide except,
    2 buck limit with no APR's every third or fourth year, 3 pt. the other years.

    Four week MG maximum which opens third Sat instead of second.

    Archery opens third Sat. in Sep. closes Jan 31.

    ML no change.
  20. possum

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    If it don't have antlers the APR's don't apply.