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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by backstrapfever, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. backstrapfever

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    I was thinking about buying a few green pelts from a local trapper. They are just skinned and frozen. What do yall think coyote, grey fox and red fox are worth with good fur? Just don't have any experience buying it and don't want to get taken. Just buying a few to tan myself. Let me know what you think and thanks in advance for any advice. Seth
  2. coyote $6-$8, Grey fox-$6-8, Red Fox-maybe $10.

    Only thing bringing price are Otter really

  3. stealthycat

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    coon's bringing anything ?
  4. hunter_3780

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    i had heards bobcats were bringin around 35.00
  5. Justin n

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    You got the reds and the greys backwards.Better make sure you have your fur buyers liscense.
    I pay........
    $15 on greys
    $10 on reds
    $15 to $30 on cats
    $5 on coyotes
    $3 on coons.
  6. backstrapfever

    backstrapfever Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. Do you have to get a furbuyer's liscence if you are just buying a couple? anyways he is wanting 20 each on everything and it seems he might be asking a little too much.
  7. keeb

    keeb Well-Known Member

    Is anyone buying beaver fur? Serioiusly
  8. U buy in

    at those prices me and a few others would like to sale u our hides
  9. Justin n

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    As long as they are unskinned.
  10. bigmac7825

    bigmac7825 Well-Known Member

    What would a whole one cost unskinned?
  11. I heard good heavy 20lbs coons would bring 5.50. If skinned right
  12. Mark Penn

    Mark Penn Well-Known Member

    you do not need a fur buyers license if you are buying for your personal use, you only need one when buying and reselling..:thumb:
  13. Mark Penn

    Mark Penn Well-Known Member

    10.13 FUR DEALER LICENSE REQUIREMENT. It shall be unlawful
    03-09 to buy or resell pelts or furbearer carcasses without first obtaining the appropriate (resident or non-resident) fur dealer license for each individual buyer or separate place of business. The purchase of pelts or furbearer carcasses from May 1 – June 30 is prohibited.
    (1) Non-resident fur dealers buying pelts from or selling pelts to Arkansas resident fur dealers.
    (2) Arkansas residents purchasing tanned pelts, taxidermy mounts or whole carcasses of legally taken furbearers for personal use.
    PENALTY: $100.00 to $1,000.00.
  14. gunswapper

    gunswapper Well-Known Member

    From looking at Mark Penn's post it looks like you can leagly buy tanned pelts, taxidermy mounts, or whole carcases of legaly taken furbearers for personaly use. Does this mean an individual resident of Arkansas can not buy a skinned out beaver hide from a buddy to tan himself to make a hooped beaver display?
    If so, we need to change the law!!!
  15. gunswapper

    gunswapper Well-Known Member

    Yarnammurt, those 20 pound coons are scarace (sp) as hen's teeth in Arkansas. I am 65 and have only seen 2 that went on a set of scales and actually weighed 20+ pounds. Most of them were like that 5# bass I caught last month; it never saw a scale. LOL!
  16. born2hunt

    born2hunt Well-Known Member

    Or those 200# Arkansas bucks that never saw a scale.
  17. b7413

    b7413 Well-Known Member

    No, it means you can buy something if you're going to keep it for yourself. You need the dealer license if you are then going to turn around and sell what you bought to someone else.