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  1. towhead

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    I'm not a trapper but am curious about what a coyote pelt might be worth and would it matter where the pelt might have a hole in it. I'm not really planning to come up with one, just curious.
  2. scarhead

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    Google-Arkansas fur sale prices-and click on-fur sale results>>Arkansas trappers association. They will list the results of last years fur sales and give you an average for coyotes. If im not mistaken the average last year was around twelve dollars.

  3. quackandmild

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    1-18$ from the guy I sell to.
  4. OuachitaMtnMan

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    Fur buyer out of Poyen said around 15 skinned and stretched and 5-8 whole for a good pelt
  5. my buyer said ten at the most
  6. d2

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    I sold one the other day to my fur buyer, unskint and got 16 bucks for it. A medium sized one that looked great. No mange or rubbed places...d2
  7. frogleg

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    That's the key right there. Finding one that ain't mangy or has lice or a real thin furred back/neck. The truth is most of our Arkansas coyotes aren't worth skinning.
  8. gunswapper

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    One with a hole in it is damaged. Price depends on quality of the fur & how big the hole is. I saw a buyer pay $12.00 for a pretty hide with a small hole the other day.
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  9. rljohnston

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    Dental floss; stich the hole up, works great esp. If you flesh and dry your fur