Fun Combo Fall Turkey & Coyote Hunt

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    Hey, I hunted Franklin county Kansas (near Ottawa) Dec. 11-13 this week for both fall turkeys & coyotes. I did have 15 turkeys including three jakes with pencil beards up to 8 inches come in the first evening but I had to set up about 20 yards back from the field as the woods were so open and the turkeys were 25-30 yards out so I did not feel comfortable with the shot. Also, had a large cottonwood tree fall 30 seconds after I left the woods at nightfall that shook me up as it was so loud and was close to where I had been set up.

    The reason I am posting, however, is to relate a "Btech like" coyote incident:

    At daylight on the 12th I set up on the edge of a winter wheat field and opened up with Eastern Cottontail since I saw 3 different sets of rabbit remains on the edge of the field on the way in. Immediately after I started calling a dog on a neighboring farm starting barking and I hoped he would not come in but within seconds I heard him coming through the woods breaking limbs like a runaway horse so I hollered at him so he circled around me and started for the FoxPro call about 30 yards to my left in the field. He was a huge chocolate lab! I jumped up and went into the field to try to persuade him to leave and did manage to get him to flare off but then caught movement in my peripheral vision and thought he was returning so hollered again while turning to face him but it was 2 adult yotes running full speed toward the call even though I was only 10 yards from it!? By the time I recovered enough to raise my shotgun they were 50-60 yards out but I did get a couple of shots off but at best peppered one. If the dog had been 1 minute later I would have had both yotes within 25 yards and taken both! :boohoo:

    It was interesting to me that the lab seemed bent on going for my caller even after I had hollered at him and I wonder if he would have picked it up or bitten into it? I also wondered if the yotes saw the lab enter the field and were determined to beat him to the "rabbit"? :eek: :head:

    (Btech, in hindsight I know I should have waited and used the dog as a decoy but that did not enter my mind as I thought he might take my caller or bite into it!)