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How do most of you feel about this combination in AR ? I bought a B-mobile last year and still have not used it yet. I thought I would use it Bowhunting in the spring but between hunting public land and scared of getting shot I have not used it in AR. I was peppered pretty good about 8 years ago while hunting one spring so I might be a little bit more cautious than most .
So what do yall think about it ? (bad idea or not )

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I don't even take a hen decoy to public land. I almost got shot in MS with a
Jake decoy and jakes are not legal there.He killed my decoy and ran when I yelled at him.
I have to second that- I used a hen and a jake a few years ago and had a gobbler working in to it- I also had a hunter bearing down on the jake directly across from my wife:eek: I yelled and he left along with the gobbler scared the you know what out of me. To me it is just too dangerous to try but many years ago I had a buddy that was shot and he bled to death trying to get back to his truck- decoy wasnt involved but to some the pressure to kill a bird will out-weigh safety-unfortunate but it does happen
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