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  1. ZWH

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    What's the best 6 gallon gas tank out there. I'm needing a new one and not sure what to get. I've heard the new ones aren't that great. Should I be looking for an older one that's in good shape?
  2. arm lake 44

    arm lake 44 Well-Known Member

    I would look on ebay for an older one. I heard the new ones have some kind of epa crap on there.

  3. Delbert

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    New ones have a terrible vent system and they swell. I had one bust this summer and spill gas all over the boat.
  4. flintknapper

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    The older Moeller tanks were built like, well, tanks. That last batch I saw at Wally World were paper thin and looked terrible.

    Pick it up--if it's got some heft to it, buy it.
  5. Joe blow

    Joe blow Well-Known Member

    All the new fuel lines and tanks have to pass the new EPA regulations. Apparently to many fumes were escaping through the hose and vent so the new tanks have a cap that opens when the pressure builds up and the new hoses have to have a plastic liner inside them to keep fumes from leaking out of them and the liner separates from the hoses and won't let gas through the lines. There's nothing wrong with the new tanks just the caps. If u can find an old cap then use it. As far as the line you might be SOL. We aren't even aloud to sell the ones we have left. You might could find one on eBay but I doubt any marine businesses have any left.
  6. Razorback123

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    Yeah the new caps suck... If you don't reach back and let the fumes out of your tank it will shut down on me... That's if you're running it for a while which I usually am, but now I have it to where it is okay