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FS/FT Mossberg 5500 Mk II 12 Ga. Auto *

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Mossberg 5500 Mk II 12 Ga. auto with 24" barrel. Comes with 3 chokes IC, modified, and extra eull. Old school camo pattern.
For sale $350 or would consider trade for the right item. Located in Little Rock, AR

This has been a very reliable gun for me. Rarely if ever jams if you feed it the right ammo, though I clean it often. I've noticed it's a little finicky about some 2 3/4" ammo, but it seems to digest a wide range of 3" ammo. I once had to replace a plastic reciever bushing and the part was difficult to locate so I got some extras just in case. It's a turkey gun, but it seems to kill ducks too.

Selling because I just got a new Maxus.

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Nobody needs a backup gun?
Price drop to $300 or make an offer
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