frozen bayou meto

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    will bayou meto be thawed out tomorrow
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    Probably by tommorow afternoon it will be...d2
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    frozen bayoumeto

    like to hunt upper gov -locked up
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    Quite a number of years ago I parked at Long Bell and walked in. The plan was to find the levy and then circle breaking ice to see if I could find a hole. After about an hour I started back tracking the broken ice. That didn't last long as it had frozen up. My trail was gone! Bummer. So I Picked a direction as it was overcast and just lined up trees. After a while I heard a fellow breaking ice and finally saw him off in the distance. So I traveled over toward him. When I got close to him, he hollered, "Man am I glad to see you!!:smack:
  6. I have hunted Bayo Meto for 40 years and some of my best hunts were when it was iced up. But it is definately a young man's hunt. I'm a big ol boy and the ice would support my weight just long enough to step up on it and then crash down. Slow going and very strenious. At 60, I would not make it a hundred yards with a leaky heart valve. I have heard guys lost down at Longbell shoot'n their guns at 5 oclock in the morning hoping someone would find 'em. Their buds who got separated from 'em said he had been shoot'n all night. That was back in the days when there were no shell limits and you could hunt all day.

    I remember an ice day about 40 years ago. I was hunt'n by myself up at Harris Break during an ice up. Only one there if you can imagine that.I shot my last mallard to limit out but it was a cripple. It glided down and hit the ice and started wadling. I went after it breaking the ice and busting my shins trying to get close enough to finish him off. I finally did and I was so exited that when I reached to get my duck I tripped on a root and went through the ice completely under except my right arm that held my gun above the water. It was like going swimming in a slushy. By the time I reached my daddy's car I was completley numb. It took an half hour for me to thaw out enough to even think about driving. I think that is the coldest I have ever been in my life.:biggrin: