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  1. More Leave Shenanigans

    I found out that there’s a piebald resident squirrel at Mom and Dad’s. Dad calls him Face. He’s a pretty little creature. He’d look good as a full-body mount but it’s not real sporty to kill homey squirrels, so he gets a pass.


    The boys and I went to Lake Ouachita to hangout with some friends and swim and fish. Sad thing is, is that it stormed the whole time we were there and we weren’t even able to go out. It disappointed the boys but we made the most if it hanging out at the dock and doing a little fishing.



    Justus had a fun time feeding and messing with the local geese.


    Justus also “reeled in” his first fish (technically another kid with us “caught it” but you gotta start somewhere. While trying to get Justus to hold the fish for a pic the dorsal spine poked him which led to the second picture below. Lol.



    Thanks Brad for the invite!


    Dad and I put together (at least in part) a swing set for the younger boys on Father’s Day. Weather was decent. Process was tedious. We plan to finish it tomorrow. Justus is excited about it.


    I took a pic of the insane amount of unripened blackberries under the powerline at the house.


    And Justus got to pose with a decent size king snake. It’s always an adventure around here!

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  2. White River Trout—GI on the Fly

    My buddy Tyler gave me a day on the river with Paul Bobby, a guide who runs GI on the Fly on the White River. The only two other times I’ve been on the White the fishing was tough, and it was last Monday too. But having Paul made it worth it. We had a great time. He’s a retired vet and guides for a living now. While the weather didn’t cooperate much and the fish didn’t really either, both Tyler and I caught our personal best trout.







    We didn’t catch a lot, but we caught quality and had an adventure while doing it. Thanks Tyler for the trip. It’s always a good time when we get to hangout!

    Once back from fishing Dad and I finished the swing set for the little boys. Justus hung out with us a lot outside and harassed the dogs the whole time.


    I also stopped by Farmer Dan’s Market in Russellville and got some tomatoes. It’s summer. I can’t get them from PawPaw anymore. Dan’s were a decent substitute.


    Leave as always went by too quickly. We’re back in Texas and back to work. Baby Jesse is with us and the big boys stayed behind in Arkansas to give us time to get our stuff moved into...
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  3. Our New House!

    13 years, 10 moves, and 4 kids later and Aurea and I finally own our first home! We’re almost 40 so in homeownership we’re late bloomers but the “quality” of housing offered at Fort Hood forced our hand. We’re glad we looked into buying. We like the location and are getting a lot more house for our money. Tonight is our last night in the hotel and then we’ll be home.

    The house is in Killeen and a few minutes from my job. It has enough room to accommodate our boys. Time will tell if we can afford the bills or not. Lol.

    Our household goods deliver on July 7. Until then we will be roughing it in “our house”, but it feels good not to be homeless anymore!

    Home Sweet Home

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