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  1. Well...I'll start this joker off.

    July 15, 2006

    Two days ago I took down our stands from last year and moved them to a new tree about 40 or so yards away. Did the trimming and all that easy stuff to do.

    This should put me close enough to the food plot to where I still have multiple decent shots, but also put me near a deer trail, which I was out of range of in the previous tree. I got out there about 10:30am and ended up getting done around 2.

    I also put out a mineral block and put my gamecam up over-looking the block to see what or if anything decides to eat at it.

    One more was dang hot. About 95 towards the end. Good times.
  2. July 18, 2006

    Was able to head back out to the stands today and finish up trimming. Checked the gamecam and had nothing on it--though I did happen to snap a picture of myself.

    I moved the mineral block to a different location...nothing had found it yet. I put it off to the side off one of the trails.

    We (Matt, Brooks, and me) put up bowholders and pack holders in the tree...we also adjusted the stands some and adjusted some of the steps.

    The stands are about 30 feet in the air and there's really good shooting lanes from both sides of the tree.

    We have two stands set up opposite of each other at the same height, one is for shooting and one is for filming.

    Oh, I almost forgot--I also put orange flagging tape wrapped around the barbwire fence strands so we don't shoot an arrow into them. It helps us see them better.

    As for we just sit around and wait for planting time...the ground is rock-solid and dry...

    Speaking of which, it was only 97-98 this afternoon when we did all this...we did it around 5:30pm. It'd cooled off some from earlier...when it was 101.


  3. To make this more interesting and so I can look back and "see" the progress...I went out and took pictures of the set-up so far...

    This is another view of the feeder...if you look towards the back you can see a yellow and red dot...those are peanut butter container caps.


    The old stand tree is on the left and I put a red box around the new stand you can see how far we moved them.


    This is non-zoomed from the ground up to the stands. They're probably pushin 30 feet or so.

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  4. Yesterday I was at Bass Pro in Springfield and dropped $125 dollars on a few items and a new Copper John Dead Nuts 5 pin hunter. Kinda broke the bank, but at least I'm in the 21st century now.

    This afternoon I shot my bow at Matt's house cause I had to run some stuff by there for him. I was "re-sighting" my bow since in the past week or so I've added a new Whisker Biscuit rest and switched out my sights.

    We paper-tuned first to make sure that my arrow/rest/string were all lined up correctly. Here's a pic of the whole ordeal. We took a pic because it took us two shots to get it lined up the right way. Of course, broadheads might fly differently but for now, since I only have my 10yd and 20yd pins set to height, the broadheads can wait.


    Oh yeah, it was mild out today. Only got up to 90 degrees. (hahaha, yeah right.)
  5. July 26, 2006

    Yesterday I went over to Matt's and picked up his rangefinder and shot bows for awhile. I got my 30 yard pin sighted in, but it got too dark to sight in my 40 yard pin.

    Today I went outside, put out white paper plates (reflective), and rangefind-ered (?) all of them from the treestand.

    The furthest shot was at 42 yards and the closest, from the stand to the base of the tree was 10 1/2 yards, which puts the treestands at around 32 feet in the air.

    Pretty high up there. I drew all of the spots I shot with the rangefinder on a piece of paper and put the yardage beside them, so we can practice at those ranges...and when season comes around, there won't be any guessing as to how far the deer are.
  6. Been awhile since I've posted in here. It's August 8th now. I move back up to Springfield in a week or so.

    Matt came over and we put up a homemade, timed, auto-feeder with a winch to raise it and lower it. That way we can know when deer are coming in and hopefully coons won't eat all of our corn. I'll post pics on it soon.

    In the morning after I fix the lawn-mower I'm going to mow down and till the food plot. We're planning on planting on Thursday if I can get the stuff fixed and working.

    I've been seeing lots of deer. I drove up from Shreveport, LA with a buddy a few days ago and saw maybe, 30 deer off of I-30. A few of them were bucks. Last week coming home late one night I saw 4 deer, two of the bucks looked like shooters...of course, it's hard to tell in the fleeting beam of headlights, but if you can see horns like that in the dark, the deer can't be too bad.

    Oh yeah, it's still DANG HOT.
  7. August 11, 2006

    Three days ago Matt come out and we put up a johnny-rigged barrel corn-feeder. Matt bought the timer and put together the rest of it with a pulley system and a winch. There are pics of it down below. I tilled a few days ago. Man was it dry and dusty--not to mention 102 degrees. Well yesterday Matt came over and we planted. We put out a bag of winter wheat and a bag of oats. We also put out some Imperial sample packs of stuff that covered like 5 feet of ground (they really oughtta up their sample sizes, stingy people.)

    Anyways...lo and behold it rained last night. Haha! First time it's rained in like 6 months, and it rains the night after we plant. Talk about lucky! So we should have results in a few weeks.

    We are currently working on a way to water the food plot by using a spricket and a 55 gallon drum. We're slightly redneck and "cheap" but the stuff works. lol

    Anyways, here's the progress pictures.


    A pic of the winching system we have to raise/lower the feed barrel.


    An up-close photo of the timed feeder.


    Another view where you can see...that nothing has found our corn yet...


    A further view, if you look closely you can see the treestands in the background.


    Last but not least...a hot and sweaty me. Hey, it's only 82 degrees out, but dang is it humid. You will pour sweat by doing absolutely nothing. Insanity.
  8. August 15, 2006

    Oh it's on now...we got some green coming up in the foodplot. It rained the night after we planted, then we watered yesterday and got a little bit of moisture help from the rain gods...

    And here we go...some wheat is coming up already. Also had a bit of clover coming up. Hopefully soon it'll look like a golf course out there.


    Some of the Imperial "sample pack" coming up.


    A view from the downed fence looking back up towards the house...


    View from the house looking towards the stands...
  9. August 26, 2006

    Well, looks like it's time to update again. Alot has been happening since the last post. I'm still homeless and jobless, though I got my financial aid turned in to school. I'll be up in Springfield, MO for most of the remainder of the year with weekend visits home or if there's a break, such as the upcoming Labor Day weekend. School starts next Friday so I'm looking forward to that.

    Anyways, enough of the personal life and on to stuff that matters. Last weekend Matt came over and we rigged up a way to water the food plot. We ran about 250yds worth of small PVC pipe off of our house all the way out to the food plot. We have been running a sprinkler out there to keep it watered (though it's rained quite a bit the past few days--I'm glad, it's cheaper on mom and dad's water bill that way.)

    Also, we (Matt and I) set up gamecams today. I put out my old Stealthcam Wal-Mart job. It's worked for me in the past but I'm not sure the sensor is working correctly anymore. I've gotten two seasons worths out of it so I'm not complaining (for $60 who can?) Matt brought over a Trail-Timer that was given to him. Hopefully soon I can post deer pics on this journal. Of course, if the bucks are too monstrous I'll only be only to post the doe pictures.

    The plot is looking good. It's getting green. We have a little spot where no growth is happening out there, so today we planted it with some more "sample packs" of the special Imperial stuff.

    Anyways, enough yacking, onto the pictures. I have ten of them so I'll have another post below this one.


    This is the PVC pipe running from the house to the food plot. The hose you can see is connected to our faucet.


    This is the connector on the other end of the pipe at the food plot, that we run a hose and a sprinkler off of.


    Some of the clover from the sample pack...still coming up...


    Some greens and cabbage...You can see the sprinkler in the middle and my gamecam set up at the right of the pic.


    Another angle. At the left of this pic is Matt's gamecam.
  10. [​IMG]

    You can see where the piping ends and runs into the hose to the left of the four-wheeler. We're facing the house now. Check out the weird sprinkler.


    The smaller back corner of the food plot.


    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Impressed and pleased with the current...redneck rigging and the results.
  11. September 11, 2006

    Well, yesterday at the house I watered the food plot. I looked at it Friday afternoon when I got home and it was looking...brown...and dead...and like crap.

    I had it looking like a dadgum golf course when I left.

    Well, we watered it with springlers. Today it came up a monsoon. Works everytime...water the food plot, it'll rain within the next 24 hours.

    Hopefully it'll revive itself some.
  12. This first pic is how I left my food plot a few weeks ago...before it got scorched by the sun...


    This is how it was when I returned...this is Matt and me messing with the sprinkler so we can get water going on it.



    This last one is the sprinkler going...notice how..."deadish" it looks.

  13. OuachitaMtnMan

    OuachitaMtnMan Well-Known Member

    That's got to be frustrating as hell. Rest assured though, what little bit of greens + that corn will have wildlife all over that spot. Nice work and narration. I like it. :thumb:

    I graduated from tech and hunted a lot around sorghum hollow just south of New Blaine. Hunted a lot of food plots there. They were always productive.
  14. Well, I got pics off of the gamecam for the first time...I don't know if we had the camera angled wrong inside the cam or what, but we had some major glare problems on the shots where the flash was used...

    Anyways, we do have deer...which is good, also turkeys. One week til season. I'm pumped...and it feels dang good outside. It was around 70 for the high today. Sweet.



  15. Sunday, October 9, 2006

    Well, I saw my first deer off of stand yesterday morning. It was a spike and it walked about 2 feet away from the base of the tree I was in.

    It was really cold out. I wore my bibs and insulated boots and all that jazz. I like the cold. Hunting probably would've been perfect had there not been a full moon.

    I almost could've read a book sitting in stand before sunrise it was so bright out there.

    Anyways, I got a new battery in the corn feeder. The plot looks decent. Could be better but could be worse too I guess. I also reloaded the film in the gamecam so hopefully I'll have new pics to post of a bruiser soon.

  16. 10-16-06

    Well, I hunted Saturday morning and evening, and Sunday afternoon for awhile. Saturday morning was dang cold. I busted out the bibs and coat but saw no deer. That afternoon I had a doe, yearling, and the spike walk through. They were headed somewhere. They didn't pay attention to the plot or corn. The feeder was working good. Going off about 7:30 in the morning.

    I heard maybe 4 shots Saturday morning on the smokepole opener. Hopefully they weren't shooting my deer...I was bowhunting all weekend by the way.

    I took the gamecam down and Sunday afternoon went to my grandparent's, made a mock scrape with my scent-dripper, and hung the gamecam right next to it. Hopefully we'll have some buck pictures on it when I go home next weekend. If I do...I'll post em for yall.
  17. November 2, 2006

    I had the best morning hunt ever this morning. I got up into stand early. I was home from school today because I don't have class on Thursday and all of my classes got cancelled for Friday, so why not, ya know?

    About 7:30 I saw a coyote from the stand. About 7:35 a doe walked right under me, headed somewhere.

    About 7:45 I heard leaves crunching behind my tree, turned around to see a nice-racked shootable big boy about 60 yards out. He had some kinda a vine stuck in his rack. He picked up on the doe trail and took off.

    20 minutes later here comes this doe running back across to our side of the fence...right behind her was biggun...and right behind him was the decent deer in the above gamecam pics. Both were chasing her. The gamecam buck stayed back because he wasn't the dominant one.

    They jacked around but never stopped or presented me with a shot and walked off.

    About 10 after 8, a dink 5 point walked by me and I coulda shot him but I didn't, because he's a dadgum dink.

    About 15 minutes after that a button buck came out, fed around the stand, ate at the corn feeder and all that jazz...but I let him walk.

    About 20 minutes after the button buck another legal buck, with a big body and decent horns (didn't get a point total off his head though) walked by and he almost stopped in one of my shooting lanes but missed it by maybe, 3 that sucks...

    Anyways, after I got down outta the tree the grand total was :3 shooter bucks (one was nice), a doe, a button, and a dink buck, a coon and a coyote.

    But the day wasn't over yet...about 10:45 I headed to my G-parents to check my gamecam. I bumped a doe driving back to the woodlot where the mock scrape and my gamecam is...walking in to check the camera I bumped the biggest buck I've seen in the wild outta there. So that sucks...he had a huge body, a big tall and wide rack...and he was much so that he tried to clear the barbed-wire fence and nailed it. Haha. It was entertaining...

    I didn't hunt this afternoon, but my body couldn't do it. I only slept for an hour and half last night.

    Today's total was : 4 shooter bucks (two good ones), a dink buck, a button buck, 2 does, a raccoon and a coyote.

    I'm going to get my gamecam pics in a bit from Wal-Mart, if there's anything decent I'll post em for ya.

    With it being cold out and bucks chasing, you should get your butts in a tree as much as, and often as possible.

    Good huntin!
  18. [​IMG]



    Shot this dude on November 3, 2006. It was a great day. After 8 years of bowhunting I finally shot a deer. First thing to shoot with antlers too.

    It feels good to have the monkey lifted off of my back...and for my hard work to pay off.

    It's been a good season....:thumb:
  19. No One Said This Had to be Strictly for Deer

    So I'm gonna put up some duck pics. I've been hunting em pretty hard--when I can. So far I've shot 2 woodies and a gadwall and a few mallards. The guys I've been with have shot a few more, but I only took pics this past Sunday morning because we actually shot mallards...which is a rarity anymore.



  20. Had a few good hunts lately...

    I took advantage of the Christmas gun hunt. I went down to Dewitt Christmas night and stayed til the 27th to hang out with some buddies. The 26th at 7:36 after watching maybe...40 squirrels (no lie, about that many, I was in awe), I heard some sucking water noises like something was walking through water. Well, I said to myself, "Self, that is a dadgum Godzilla squirrel or it is a deer." Well...I look around and saw horns and a doe. I said, "Darreth, deer. It's a buck. I'm gonna shoot it. Can I shoot it? I'm gonna shoot it." Raised up the trusty ol 30-06 and BAACOW! It was a pretty sharp quartering away shot and I hit above the back left leg and exited behind the front right shoulder. The shot was close--only about 60 yards and I'm dum and left my scope on the 3x magnification. That bullet messed his crap up. He ran about 60 yards and expired. We got down, got the deer and I called it a day.

    I'm glad. I feel accomplished. It's the first time I've ever "tagged out" on bucks. Also killed two eight points for the first time ever. (Actually, mighta been a 7, but we tagged it as an 8 to give me a benefit of the doubt. :biggrin: )



    Next, yesterday I hunted the AR River with some buddies. We ended up shooting 8 greenheads. We shoulda had around 12, but you know...there are always some that get away...

    However, Christopher shot a banded duck for the 2nd time in his life. The last time was on December 31, 1999. Yesterday was December 31, 2006. So, all you duck hunters, head out on December 31st, because the banded ducks are flying.


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