Front Sight's take on the FL School Board Shooting...

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    Criminals are basically cowards. He wouldn't have done that in a place where CC holders could carry legally--he might get shot!

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    The mainstream media would never report that.
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    Crazy people this world has in it.
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    I sent it to a buddy of mine who is a producer at a local news station in AR and here is his response....

    I have no way of knowing whether anybody had a gun before that man cleared the room, or if the school board members didn't have a gun because of gun control laws. It almost sounds like this guy thinks it's a crime someone didn't have a gun in the room. The superintendent was blessed to not get hit, I don't think we could say the same thing if 3-4 armed citizens started firing. He assumes too much and rants too much.

    Here in Arkansas, we have pretty loose gun laws, which would make us running this story a bit silly. It might work for a Florida news station, though.
    Thanks for the read, keep sending them if you have ideas.

    And then this was my reply to him...

    Cool, although we can’t carry in a school or school board meeting (and you can’t in ANY state that I know of). :frown: I carry every day so I know. ha And if 3 or 4 armed citizens, who possessed a concealed carry permit, would have stood up, they would all be carrying legally and would have all been trained (part of the process to get a concealed carry license). Funny how people think that crazy lunatics like this guy in the video would obey a “no gun” policy. The only people that obey those laws are legally carrying citizens like me. So they leave their firearm in the car (like the security guard who had to retrieve his ammo from his truck.) It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for anyone that wants to come into a school or church.:frown:

    Thanks for reading it though! You guys have a GREAT Christmas!!! Later man!