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After getting the kids off to school I headed out the back door to do a little hunting. I quickly moved along the trail down the hill to get to my chosen hunting area before the sun made it too far above the horizion. As I quietly and quickly made my way through the woods I could just begin to hear squirrels waking from their slumber to begin their day of foraging for acorns. I carried my trusty single shot 20 ga. shotgun and a pocket full of #6's in anticipation of fast action chaseing abundant bushytails. I was headed for a small draw between a steep ridge and some thickets. The acorn covered ground bolstered my confidence of finding my quarry on this cool September morning. Once to my chosen location, I began to scan the trees for hungary squirrels. It wasn't long before I spotted a gray shadow moving among the leaves. As I watched the squirrel I planned my route to intercept him and began to quietly stalk toward my prey. Once I was within distance I took a shot once the bushytail paused on a limb and missed. I repremanded myself for letting the first shot of the season jitters get to me and reloaded in anticipation of a follow up shot. As I scanned the trees I once again spotted the squirrel on the move and got in position for the shot. I took my time because I did not plan to miss again. This time my aim was true and I collected the first of my six squirrels for the morning. I also didn't miss again!

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