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  1. I was just wondering if any of you are Masons? I am twice Past Master of my Lodge and currently Senior Warden. I was also a committee chairman for the Grand Lodge of Arkansas for 9 years.

    2B1ASK1 :up:
  2. coonnutz

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    I used to work with a guy, that was like a grand poopa of his lodge...

  3. jsilver919

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    i work with a guy that is. never really knew what they were all about though
  4. jrock

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    I dint think you were suppose to tell anyone if you were.... Thought it was to be kept secret or something?
  5. coonnutz

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    Thats what I thought too.

    How ya been J?
  6. jrock

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    Cant complain brother, just sittin around gettin fat! How bout you?
  7. If it was a secret, we wouldn't wear rings or have signs on our trucks or out in front of our Lodges. I'm proud to be a Mason, and don't mind telling it.:biggrin:
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    Hmmmm heck of a deal....... Well tell us all about it then. What are yall all about?
  9. coonnutz

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    Good, while your getting fat I'm stuck on a freakin diet:frown:
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    My father was an active shriner until his health got bad and he had to stop going. I know a lot of masons and they are all good chistian men.
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    I do know, F&AM stands for Free and Accepted Mason:up:
  12. jrock

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    Man that stinks! Sorry to hear that buddy......
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    Is there really a huge treasure from the revolution hidden under the streets of New York?
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    Yeah me too, I can't take in more than 1700 calories per day. I gotta drop some lbs before the LR Marathon in March.
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    Dang.... If you see me running get a gun bc there is something really big and mean behind me and its already bit me twice and has several bullet holes in it and its still comin!
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    by the square and the plumbbob and the all seeing eye.....:skeptical:
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    My father in law is a Poopa in Little Rock somewhere. Just got inducted a couple weeks ago. My brother is also a mason but he's so busy at church I'm not sure if he still participates or not.

    The way I understood it it is a fraternity of men who are real good fellas. They try to help their communities and needy family's.
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    My grandfather was, I still have his ring.
  19. popgun

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    I am.
    Twice Past Master of Beebe #145 and past secretary. Served 13 years as secretary. Perpetual Member & Certified lecturer. I haven't been able to attend for the past few years, but stay as loyal to the lodge as I am able.
    Total service to the lodge is 35 years.

    Regardless of all the conspiracy theories out there, we had nothing to do with all the dead blackbirds falling in the streets of our fair city.

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  20. Ever heard about the Shriner's Hospitals? There is never a charge for hospital use. To be a Shriner you must be a Mason.
    To be a Mason you must believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of man, and the immortality of the soul.
    My Lodge has several fund raisers every year, and we present ALL the proceeds as sholarships to deserving students.
    At least 9 of the signers of the Constitution were Masons, and several Presidents too.

    PS- Arkansas Children's Hospital was originally formed by the Masons of Arkansas, and we still contribute funds to it.