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I have a litter of eight mix breed puppies that I need to find good homes for. The momma dog is a medium sized mastiff and hound mix, and the daddy we aren't real sure about. They will be ready this weekend,and if they are anything like the momma they will be good smart dogs.
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sounds like the dad is what we call a travelin sells man good luck you need some photos if their cute someone might have to have one
I took some pics this evening but I don't have a photo hosting account.

If anyone wants pics PM me or call 501-628-4261
I bet if you set up in a Wal-mart parking lot those cuties would be gone in no time.
If I can't find them homes, I may have to take them to the Beebe flea market.

I just wanted to try find them homes where I can check on them first.
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