Free Deer Meat! (graphic photos) **UPDATED**

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    This doe was killed in our deer club in Cleveland county earlier this week. We were so concerned that I called our AGFC deer biologist....and he passed it on to a former AGFC deer biologist that many of you on here would know. I consider him as a very good friend and I'm not going to name names. Anyway, he looked at it and decided to send it to a lab in Alabama for further review.

    I have no idea what caused this, and the former deer biologist didn't know for sure either. All I know is, these dark spots were EVERYWHERE there was meat on the deer. The doe was otherwise healthy, plenty of fat and weighed 80lbs. She was shot from behind, in the head with buckshot. Three pellets in her head, one in a hindquarter. No other wounds apparent.






    He said it could be over a month before we get any results....but I thought it would be interesting to see if any of you could correctly identify what caused this. Oh, and by the way.....he said he would not eat the meat.

    Fire away.

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    kinda strange

  3. Let us know what is found out... never seen such:head:
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    :head::head: I want to know what this turns out to be
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    I have shot several deer in the head and seen similar results. The head shots kill the deer so sudden that the blood just stops where it is and doesnt have a chance to bleed any out. This in my experience has always made for bloodier meat and by the looks of it the only place the darkest spots are where you have made a cut. I would say settled blood in the vessels and capillaries. I wouldn't think twice about it. Good test would be place it in salt water and see if they lighten up. If its blood it from the kill it will pull it out of the meat. Just my opinion.
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    Did you look at the ribs that were untouched by a knife? :head:

  8. that is pretty weird looking, as said earlier, would be interesting if you soaked a piece in water to get the blood out to see if the spots stayed or not
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    Looks blood shot to me.
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    Sorry, I can't do any further testing on the meat because it was thrown to the coyotes earlier this morning. Honestly, I just called the guy to find out, I was going to soak it in water just to see what happened! :smack:

    Sorry guys. :frown:

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    100% not the case brother. If that's all it was I wouldn't have posted it.

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    Good guess! :fit:

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    Thats kinda spooky. Makes me think of the coughing deer that in my area in October. I was bowhunting and kept hearing a noise that was similar to a fox barking but a little more coarse. It went on for several minutes and then I saw a young doe coming my way. I watched her as she stopped and coughed at about 20 yards. She came under me and I was very high in the tree. I took a shot and my arrow went low and just nicked her behind the front leg. She jumped and snorted at me before walking off. In hindsight I was glad I missed because I wouldve been a little concerned about her health.

    Ive been hunting for 30 years and thats the only time I ever heard a deer coughing. Ive got a few pictures of very skinny deer this year as well and it makes me wonder if something is going on.
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    i have heard deer fart, cough, sneeze and burb. i wouldnt worry about a single cough but a constent one i might.
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    prolly old wounds from all the times bowhunters shot her and never found her...... :whistle:
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    Headshot that's all it is
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    Saw something that looked very similar in a cow. We were working cattle & a yearling got out of the pen. One of the guys went after it to rope it & bring it back to load onto the truck. When he roped it, somehow it crushed it's windpipe & the calf could not get any air. It just flat choked to death. We decided to cut skin it & put it in the cooler to keep from loosing out completely & when we did, it looked a whole like the photo's you posted. Dark spots all over the meat of the calf. Vet that was here at the time said it was caused from lack of O2 in the blood that caused the small vessles to rupture inside of the tissue. We went ahead & used the meat being we knew what the issue was that caused what we saw & it was fine.

    Being you said the deer looked health otherwise & was fat leads one to believe it was not a cronic condition. If I was to guess the deer ended up with somewhat the same condition the calf did when shot in the head. It stopped breathing for some reason but heart keep beating for a while. Lack of O2 while it was still expiring might have caused the same condition as it did in the calf which might account for the dark spots all in the meat. But being you were dealing with a wild critter & not knowing for sure what it might be, I also would have been reluctant in using the meat!

    Me not know, just throwing out something, but it would be interesting to know the official word when you get it!
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    Sorry it is too late to save the meat because there is nothing wrong with it. When you get your official results I hope you will let us know.
    I have seen this before, and it usually occurs when either the deer takes a long time to die, or it runs a long way before expiring.
    It is simply broken blood vessels.
    This happens a lot of times in head shot, home butchered cattle as well. The meat looks sort of funny, but when ground up into burger, it makes a really pretty red burger.
    Sorry to see it thrown out and sorrier still that the wildlife biologist didn't know better.
    He should have asked a butcher instead.
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