free 3yr old beagle female

Discussion in 'Dogs for Sale or Trade' started by houndog, Dec 18, 2010.

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    I have a female beagle that I would like to give away, this will be her 2nd rabbit season , her littermate made a good rabbit dog last year, but it appears this one isnt going to make it. She is a real nice looking beagle and if some one would like to have her to raise a litter of pups she should come in soon. She is out of good blood I still hunt her mother and litter mate. I think she might raise a fine litter of pups but shes never been bred.If someones interested send me a message.
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    beagle female

    what will she do and do you have any pics

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    she will get in the brush with the other dogs when they are trying to jump and while they are hunting but once the rabbit is struck she usually comes back. I hunt a lot, so this dog has been in the woods a bunch, shes not gun shy at all. She is easy for me to handle but if some one is hunting with me she is not use to, she will not let them load her in truck , I have to be the one, which is not a bad thing for me but she just doesnt take up with strangers. I dont wont to lead anyone down the wrong road I dont think she will make a rabbit dog for what ever reason, but she is one of the best looking beagles I have ever owned and she is out of real good stock, May make an excellent brood *****, but I have to many dogs to keep one that is not cutting the mustard. I will try to post pictures if someone is interested.
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    still have gyp, I noticed today it looks like she is coming in heat if someone wants to try to raise some pups.
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    Beagle gyp

    Yes sir she is a fine looking dog. I have a Male dog and would love to breed to her. I am in Craighead County. you can email me at
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    she is gone to new owner, thanks to all that was interested.
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    Pretty girl

    Hey man she is doing fine and that patch on her neck is healing up. She did get breed for sure monday. They were hooked up for prolly 30 min. Anyway thanks I'll let you know how good of a moma dog she is. And what the pups look like. Thanks