Frankie's startin to get it

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    I have a 1 yr old Feist that I've had since 6 wks old. I've been takin him with my cur for a little while.. The end of last yr and first few times out this yr he'd rather hang out with me instead of huntin with the cur, but he sure liked tryin to bury the squirrel when we knocked em out to him.. Now after a good fight with one he's startin to gain more interest.. He hunts out with the cur dog more and more each hunt.. Even "tree'd" one before the cur the other day.. When I say tree, he went up to a tree and looked up it for a few min (before runnin around and pee'n on everything) haha.. Well yesterday Mornin after a quick Wally world run, I pulled in the driveway n saw a little squirrel feedin next a small oak tree in the yard.. Of course the squirrel ran up the tree and I saw this as a perfect opportunity for Frank since there were no other trees around for 70 yds... I ran out to the kennel n carried him out to the tree, got within 30 yds from the tree n the squirrel came down and the race was on!! I cut him loose and he chased that thing in circles for a few minutes before it found a tree.. He tree'd his first solo tree (in the dang neighbors yard haha) and stayed locked on for a good 10 minutes!! I think he'll be ok now, jus gotta keep takin him!!


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    Looks like he's getting the hang of it. :thumb:

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    when they are excited enough to try to climb tree he gets it enjoy
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    I bet that was fun to see! Frankie's ready to start crankin' and there ain't nothing more fun than watching a young dog start to catch on.