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Found the 10pt I shot Oct 3...still sick about it

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My arrow just nicked a small limb and deflected the arrow into the ham of this buck. Spent two days looking for him. It's nice to have the horns but I really need the meat. I would guess he was over 200lbs live. Am I supposed to check him?
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nope. Don't think so. That's a shame. Nice rack.
If I had a tag and wasnt planing on hunting, I would tag it. If I was gonna take it somewhere I think I would also. I may be wrong but I wouldnt want to possom police to see it in my truck and it not have a tag on it. Maybe they would be understanding, maybe not. NICE rack by the way!
Yes, if you killed it and are now in possesion of it, it should be tagged.
Based on a similiar case at our camp it seems to be at the descreation of the officer. If he wants to write you a ticket he can. If you are not on his suspect list then you are probably okay.
Just think what a hunter could do if they wanted. Shoot one and ground check. If he's not big enought to check then let him lay but go back a week latter etc and get the horns but still have your two tags for something else that you wanted to enter in contest etc. or brag about.
Looks like to me that you found it. If you didn't see it go down and didn't find it in 2 days of looking are you 100% sure you killed it? Lots of time for someone else to give a fatal blow with bow, mz or gun between Oct 3 and when you found it.

I don't tag pickups, just deer I kill. Looks like you have it at home and in the house, do whatever you are comfortable with.
Yes. Legally you are supposed to tag it. The law states that if you are in possession of a deer or it parts it has to be tagged. But like said above. If you are not already on the wardens radar then you are probably OK. And if you pick up road kill then you can be issued a ticket for possession of an untagged deer. Just a little something to think about.
I wouldnt tag it unless you just wanted too. Your shot could of killed him but your not sure so who knows.

By the way, thats one heck of a buck.
Call the man and ask bet he says no need to tag it - you guys tag your shed horns as well - nice buck
Nice Rack. I don't think I'd worry about tagging it. Looks like a pick up to me. Nobody expects you tag sheds you find either.....well I don't think they do:head:
I went ahead and tagged it. I know my shot killed it.
nice far away did you find him from where you shot him?
How would you check it in?:head: Do you list the date and time shot or the date and time found? If you list the date and time shot then you would be highly overdue the 24 hours. Also ain't there sopposed to be more to a deer than the skull and antlers before checking in and not parts? Whatever do what you wish, but I would not tag and check a pick up, I believe it could be a two edge sword so to speak, but would feel that tagging and checking in might put you more on the radar screen that not doing so.
great buck Ron. Personally I wouldn't have checked him and don't believe you are required to. You did what you thought was right due to your belief that your shot killed the buck. Congrats again!
Nice buck. I think it was a stand up thing to tag him. Not sure I woulda done it or not.
Great buck!!:up: Glad you found it before anything else did.
I would have tagged it too. I shot a wide 8 pt 2 years ago and did not find him for 2 weeks and i tagged out on him even though i did not get any meat. I knew i was the one that killed it so i felt like it was my duty to put a tag on it.I think if you arent going to tag it, dont shoot it.
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