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Oct 27 I shot a nice 8 & it ran off. We found hair where I shot, & blood with corn & some type of meaty matter in a couple of places. The rain we had been praying for all summer decided to make an appearance & that was the end of the blood. He had run into a briar thicket & at that time of year it was like a needle in a haystack, crawling around trying to find him. I felt really good about the shot, we just couldn't find him. Many, many days of looking & several months later I have a conclusion. He died 300 yards from where I shot & at one time we were probably 40 yards from where I found him.:frown: I am thankful my husband said, "let's go look again" today or I wouldn't be the happy camper I am now! Here he is in the game cam pic, and another taken today. I went ahead & checked it, but sure wish I could've found him earlier.


1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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