Fortress of A House being Built In Ozarks

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    First off let me say I am skeptical of Jesse Ventura..but in this case he has the video , I ran across this surfing you tube the other night, it caught my eye because it mentioned the ozarks. So see for yourself ...what do you think?

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    Has anyone not seen the huge house eat of hwy 65 going toward Springfield? A friend who works in the Springfield underground swear there is no connection from the house to the underground. He is in charge of seismic surveys.

    Being the Ozarks is full of small caves, most of what Ventura says is hookie at best.

  3. FACT CHECK: Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" episode "Ozarks" is highly misleading.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Jesse Ventura, but his Season 3 "Conspiracy Theory" episode titled "Ozarks" is so full of mischaracterizations and hooey I can't help but conclude it must have been intentional:

    1) The episode spends an inordinate amount of time speculating over Pensmore Castle, or Overwatch Manor, located outside of Branson, Missouri. It is a 72,000 sq ft home being built by billionaire, defense contractor and former spook Steven Huff [link to]

    While it is built like a fortress and heavily fortified, it's no secret; it's been heavily covered by the MSM. The show gives the impression they are reporting on it for the first time and that it is somehow cloaked in secrecy, yet they show close-up archive footage of it throughout the episode shot from various MSM interviews with Huff (for something so supposedly secret, I kept thinking, "Where did they get all this close up footage?").

    Jesse speculates it must be connected to all of the underground bases nearby, implies it has been built with government money and will act as a "command center" when the "Illuminati" starts "WWIII." (He also acts shocked that it is zoned as a "single family home", even though in rural areas, big mansions are built just like this one so owners can avoid city codes).

    None of this is backed by a shred of reality. I agree the mansion is certainly an anomaly and worth looking into, it may well be that Huff is prepping because he knows the **** is about to hit the fan, but the wild speculation from Jesse and his team serves only to distort and confuse, rather than inform.

    2) Sean Stone (who acts like a complete nitwit during the episode) later visits with the "white rabbit" (he requests to have his face blurred out), a local with knowledge of Ozark caves, presumably connected to this rather interesting web site about old buildings and historical relics in the area: [link to]

    The "rabbit" takes him to a few nearby caves, and while in them, Sean says he "hears" something and you can hear some people talking in the background. I got the feeling they added this audio to the soundtrack. Sean acts all spooked and ridiculous and runs out of the cave (instead of investigating it), but never brings it up to Jesse and the team and it's never mentioned again. To me it looked staged, and gave new meaning to TruTV's admonition that "Conspiracy Theory" is an "entertainment show".

    3) The "white rabbit" then takes Jesse and the team to what is implied to be a nearby super-sized underground installation (the episode is based in Ozark, Mo.). They eventually make their way to an impressive facility built into the side of a mountain.

    Then they drive right into it! It's huge, a vast underground network of roadways and loading bays. It's very impressive and at first I was pretty shocked and spooked.

    They then drive out and Jesse says, "Oh my god, look at the railroad tracks right nearby! And the parking lot full of government vehicles!"

    The impression given is that this is located in the Ozarks and it's some kind of secret facility, one of many the government is building there.

    Well, it's patently false and a total mischaracterization of the location and type of facility.

    What Jesse didn't tell you is that this facility is located SIX HOURS AWAY from Ozark, Missouri -- in Kansas City!

    He didn't tell you that this "base" is an old limestone mine converted into a storage facility (there are a few of these in the state of Missouri, including one in Carthage and another in Kansas City). It is public. Anyone can go there. In fact, you can rent space in it. It's run by Hunt Midland and known as "Subtropolis."

    They even have a promotional video on their web site:

    [link to]

    Check out the end of the episode in this clip showing all of the above:

    This season is off-the-rails and Jesse is threatening his own *cough* reputation with crap like this. It's a shame, because some of the episodes in previous seasons were awesome and actually revealed new information (particularly one of the 9/11 episodes, if I recall, and another that TruTV censored).
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    Hogwash!!.... And thanks for exploiting our secret little place called the Ozarks... There'll be conspiracy theorists all over the hills now looking for a place to build shelters.
  5. As far as the number of banks in Mt. View goes, a new one opens every time Vern or Sylamore digs up some of those mason jars they've got buried in their back yards..:nod:
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    Polywog I am not denying what you say is true, but 6 hours away? You would be in IOWA...KC is only about 2 hours and 38 mins according to google and a half hour north of Springfielld which is only 30 mins. away. So 3 hours app.

    The site you posted does not work, for me anyway.
    Another thing, he interviewed a lady that was the mayor of Ozark, and she said the people around here call it "the fortress"
    He rode with the ozark police chief to the house and he could not get permission to visit it, so they left.

    I know he gets far out on some stuff but I found it interesting none the less...a big house!!!
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    I have personally seen what looked like loading dock doors and tunnels going back into solid rock in Branson. The rail road runs right by those and just so happens to run right by the Branson airport.:whistle:
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    A friend of mine used to say, "Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, when you see something on the news, it's something you know nothing about. But every now and then they'll slip up and talk about something you know. You can judge the ninety-nine percent by the one percent."

    And I used to say, "Trustworthyness amongst the media is like virginity -- once you lose it, you can't get it back."
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    That is definitely an interesting watch. Remember guys. The show is called "Conspiracy Theory".

    Miketyson26 :flag:
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    Two airports in Branson one on College of the Ozarks, no train! The other is the newer airport and there is not a railroad even close!!! While its kind of close on the NW corner there is not doors anywhere to be found.

    We did a railcar ride The first tunnel is way south of the airport goes under HWY 14, its about 2500 ft long, but there are no door in it. 2nd tunnel is the Cricket tunnel at 1200 ft. the next tunnel about 30 miles in Marion county where the rr goes under MC 4008 for a couple hundred feet maybe. the next tunnel at Cotter.
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    Maybe you were mistaken about the doors in the hill side. I bet what you have seen is the Royal OAk warehouse. Its in town. Keeter house at CofO was built and paid for by Keeters of charcoal fame.
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    there are several underground limestone caves they have turned into storage just like the springfield under ground ones around branson
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    Kansas city has a huge underground warehouse facility. I think the guy I was with said there were several miles of roads in it. It is under some type of amusement park. It looked like any other warehouse just no windows.
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    Do you want us to watch a 36 minute video? How's about give us the cliff notes on this one so we don at have to watch a full episode of that show?