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The case length of a 25-20 case is 1.63". The 32.20 case is only 1.315". It will still work but the neck will be a little short. Resizing brass isn't all that difficult but there will inevitably be a case or two sacrificed until you get the process down. If you are starting off with new cases that saves you an annealing step to soften the necks. Here are a few bits of advice I've come up with over the years.

* Use a good quality case lube like Imperial sizing die wax and apply by hand (but sparingly) to the neck/shoulder area. A lube pad can be used to lube the case body but I just do the whole case at the same time to save a step. Note: if you use too much lube you'll dent the shoulder but if this happens it should fireform out if they're not too bad.

* You can probably go down from 30 caliber to 25 caliber in one step depending on the hardness and thickness of the brass but if you start getting corrugated neck walls or collapsed shoulders you may have to use an intermediary die like a 7-08 and take it down in two steps.

* If you're going through all this trouble you'll want to get the most out of your case life so take your time setting the die to the proper head space. If you adjust the die so that the bolt just closes on a resized case you'll keep case stretch to a minimum and avoid work hardening the brass on subsequent resizing.
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