*$!@!@ Foreigners

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    I have had it. I am going to rant and rave minute so bear with me. I AM DONE WITH THESE $*!*@&#$& BARELY SPEAKING ENGLISH FOREIGNERS!!!!

    Let me tell you what happened. First of all this story will probably lose some of the humor since i cant tell you guys face to face where you can hear me do my funny foreigner accent when I tell it. Anyway, I get a bill from a credit card that i got. When i open the bill, it did not show a payment that i had made. I bought some stuff for christmas on it, and then sent the credit card company money to pay off the purchases about 2 weeks after i used it. SO I call the 1800 number on the card. After going threw the automated part i get some barely speaking english foreigner. I try to tell her my concern, and she says the following, " Ya, we a gota your check fora two dolla ana eaity cens." Which I replied, no, I sent you a check for $280.00 . SHe says, no we gotta you check fora 2 dolla ana eaity cens. This goes back and forth for about 5 minutes, until I blow up. I tell her to get me somedody on the phone that speaks AMERICAN. She says, " Ia speaka da english." I then replied to her, that i do not want to speak to someone who speaks english. I want to speak to someone who speaks AMERICAN. I then proceeded to tell her that I seen a monkey in the circus once who could speak a little english, but that dont mean he understood it. I then ask her where she is at, and she says INDIA. Anyway, I piss her off a little more then finally hang up. My wife is laughing her butt off at this point and asks me what I meant by someone who speaks american. I told her that what i mean by it, is I want to talk to someone with no $^#^&%$^ towel head accent, someone who knows who John Wayne was and probably seen most of his movies, and someone who knows what I mean when I say remington 870 or chevy 350. At this point, I call the number again. The first thing I said was, where are you located. INDIA was the answer. I hung up. I called the number again, and got this sweet sounding southern voice. I asked her where she was located and she said Austin, TEXAS!!!!!! I then replied THANK THE LORD, AN AMERICAN. I then told her my story and why I called to begin with. SHE LAUGHED HER BUT OFF, CALLED MY HONEY, AND SAID SHE WOULD CHECK OUT MY PROBLEM. Turns out, the STUPID TOWELHEADED HIGH YELLOW DOT HEADED #%$#%$%$% didnt know how to read decimal points. The lady told me that everything was fine, and that tbecause of the holidays the statements were mailed early and that everything was OK. She then said that you would not believe how many similar phone calls that they get.

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    Good Luck:thumb:

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    2 words that the $^*&!@^&#$ TOWELHEADS CANTS SAY ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My wife just came out of the shower. She had a towel on her head.
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    Yeah, but I bet she knows who John Wayne was
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    Now now you know in this day in age you can't call them towell heads, for one it's not a towell. You can't call them rag heads either because technically it's not a rag either, it is actually a sheet so you call them little sheet heads! :biggrin: :thumb:
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    and your point is? :head:
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    I'm glad you got that little rant off your shoulders. That must have been quite a heavy burden.

    Sometimes I have a hard time understanding English spoken with foreign accents too, but I try to be a little more understanding.

    I can only speak one language, and that is American English.
    How many languages can you speak fluently?
    If you wish to blame someone, why not blame the company that outsources jobs to other countries?
    If someone from India had a question about their bill, could you explain it to them in their language?
    In India they have over 114 languages and 216 mother tongues.

    My wife speaks two Filipino dialects as well as some Spanish and American English. She has been here for 37 years, but her native language was all she spoke for the first 22 years of her life. She still speaks American English with a heavy Filipino accent, but she has been a good American Citizen since you were still pooping yellow.
    If she meets one of her Filipino friends in public, she always speaks American English because she feels that it is impolite to speak a language that others cannot understand.

    You would be surprised at how funny and ununderstandable that Americans sound while trying to speak a foreign language.

    So....This is my rant for today as well.
    :biggrin: ....popgun
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    NE Ark
    My rant is that if the companies are going to outsource to a foreign country, make sure it is one that can talk my language and that I can understand it.

    If they can't, give me a southern girl in Texas!!
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    I am not going to be understanding. It pisses me off that companies outsource, but there nothing I can do to stop it. BUT, if everybody hangs up on the towelheads everytime they get one, maybe the companies will get tired of paying them a nickel a day to set around with nothing to do.
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    Yes, I do feel better.

    I speak one language, AMERICAN. I refuse to speak any other. When youve tried the best, why settle for less

    I do blame the companies

    Why in the hell would I want to explain a bill to someone from India anyway?

    You know why they had 114 languages and 216 mother tongues?? Cause they are too ignorant to pick one and stick with it!

    :thumb: :thumb:

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    :popcorn: Sorry, couldn't find a popcorn smiley with a sheet on it's head!!!
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    Sounds to me about like calling and trying to get an answer from AGFC. :biggrin:
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    Solution---do all of your banking with a company that does NOT Outsource their call center. Your current bank apparently does. Close the account (and transfer the balance). By keeping it open, you are condoning the practice.
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    +1. I don't see any sense in being rude to the Indian lady. She's probably doing the best job she knows how. It wasn't her decision to take jobs out of the U.S.. It was most likely a money-grubbing American's idea. I'd take my business elsewhere.
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    Yeah, good luck finding one that doesnt. I think I will have more fun hanging up every time I get one of them FURRINERS!!!!!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Is this a 2008 election issue?
  19. exactly